1 hour farm pond!

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    me and buckeye tom stopped at the owners house at 10 am. to get the key (he lives in town) and got on the ice around 10:30 and had 42 big blue gill in an hour! couldnt keep two rods in the water at a time. 2 were small gills and the others were bigger then your hand! best ice fishing i think i ever done.... the owner told us to keep 10 for him and 20 for us. so we only kept 30 fish. the pond is loaded with small bass also so we jigged some buckshots with crappie minnows and still caught big gills lol... tom has pictures im sure he will post up soon
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    Guys this morning was hard to beat when it comes to panfish on the ice....

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  3. got to love those farm ponds... do you know the guy or did you go to his house and ask? I was looking for some farm ponds yesterday, but could not find any.
  4. You gotta love that. Sweet pics. Thanks for the post.
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    the farm is a Christmas tree farm that tom used to work at in the summer time for extra cash.. tom knows the guy well. i dont plan to fish it many more times as the guy is 92 and when he is gone we wont fish it anymore.. his son doesn't like us fishing the pond... we have fished it before with success on gills but nothing like this.. the funny thing is the owner told us he took alot of gills out for eating this past summer and they were getting very hard to catch, so we didnt plan to keep any fish until we seen the gill population was very well!
  6. Yep, you gotta love those farm ponds. Good job on the fish.

    I took my 3 boys plus another boy to a farm pond yesterday. I didn't do much more than drill holes, clear tangles, bait hooks, remove fish. We were on the ice for nearly 2 hours and took home 24 gills in the 8-9.5" range. On top of those we tossed back about half a dozen more gills, 5-6 crappies (approximately 13") and one bass. It took the boys a few minutes to get the hang of getting the ice jigs down to the fish but once they figured it out it was pretty much non-stop. After they had their fill I did manage to drop a line and catch a half dozen myself while they made a couple of sled rides.:)
  7. Those farm ponds can produce some awsome fishing..IF you can get permission to fish it...Very nice sized gills.....Jim...:)
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    cool pics. farm ponds can have some of the best fishing around. sometimes they dont though... i had permission to fish a private pond once and every single fish was miniature, like 3". i was so excited at first and then so disappointed.
  9. haha...ive been out on my pond a little bit....it was ok...about 10 gills in 2 hours and then the next day I couldnt get them to bite.....it's off and on
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    this is just for peon have fun with this one

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    fish master.. go ahead send me the santa virus i am ready for it..