1/31 ice report

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  1. Got out today and the ice was a little shaky.Same lake had about 5'' on it before the warm up and rain, seemed to be less today, maybe 4'' and alot of cracks in it.

    Had a newbe out with us today and he was a little scared. Some of those noises the ice makes and some cracking had him checking his pants a few times. It was funny.

    We all did well and had a good time. Caught alot of gills suspended 2 to 3 feet up today?

    If your going out right now dont go alone, make sure you have safty equipment, and be smart.

    Anyone else get on some ice today?
  2. Well I went out to check the ice here on the ponds and it looked like it still had 5 inches or so.............................Rich

  3. ware were you guys fishing at?
  4. we fished a place in colubania county out by zepernics there was a good 6-7 ins of hard clear ice
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    Was it the little pond on the other side of the road west of Zeppernicks? Just a little pond...
  6. yes it was it is called rough pond
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    you probably saw my holes from last weekend there..theres no way there was 6-7 inches, there was 4 1/2'' there sunday
  8. Im telling ya, If I was new to this and hadent been ice fishing for awhyle(sometimes on some scary stuff) I would not have stayed on that lake today.
  9. there was 4in. at long lake today...the edges are a little scary cuz they have the dam opened up on the other side of the lake but once you got on it was good ice.
  10. i have a measering stick i check all ice i fish there was aleast 6 ins of good ice on this pond the rain we got added ice i am not going to tell someone that there is not if there is not. had a buddy fish jefferson lake yesterday there was 8 ins down there.
  11. thanks for the report......some times you just can't please everyone....
  12. Ice Cube and I were on a pond yesterday, and it was just shy of 4" of hard clear ice. We were comfortable on it, and caught 3 nice channel cats, 1 broke us off. And some nice crappie and bluegill.

    I would believe the ice adding inches the last few days with the little rain we had then freezing it seemed to add to it. I expected there to be some layering to the ice but it was all solid and clear.

    We are heading back out today, I will be walking on water in about 2 hours or less.