0'Shay Jackpot Crappies August 4 Evening

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  1. Had a planned fishing trip with Customer for annual Fish Fry. Was in need of a good batch of crappies. Decided Oshay was best chance to get some. Met up With Dale And Rick got on water about 4:30 fished till 8:00. Was nervous at first some spots that usually produce good numbers of decent crappies were not working fish were not there. Was at the mercy of the local ski Freaks busting up and down the river beating us to death. So with only about 12 crappies in boat after 1/2 hour or so told guys we are going down into no wake area and do some searching. Fished east shore with a north west wind pushing that shorline. Hit some wood in 5-7 foot water got a few more keepers but still not any loaded spots was working hard for them. Finally hit a area that had a little bend in shoreline and was collecting loads of shad. Started watching graph and finally solid lines of crappies in 8-10 foot water tight to shore line right off bottom and another about 6 foot down. Anchored boat and started fishing and started catching loads of crappies lot of 8-9" but also lots of 10"-11" with a sprinkle of nice 12-14" which were hugging bottom tight. We were making long casts with 1/8th ounce jig or 2 1/16th ounce jigs on. Sinking them on tight line and hit many fish on fall. If not then you would slow crank i mean slow and pick up fish off bottom half way back to boat if no hit on bottom they blasted it about 6 foot down we did this for 2-2 1/2 hours solid non stop bite. Loaded cooler up and sent the guys home for a long fish cleaning night:D Well at least for Rick and his wife. Was best bite on Oshay in long time as far as quality fish. Have been hitting lots of 8-" blacks over past month when out but not the normal Oshay fat pigs like today!! Heres picture of a over flowing cooler waiting for the hot oil!! Yumm!! Went home cleaned a few with couple perch had left from Indian and had couple cold frothy's as well and reflected on the good feeling of a sore shoulder from a great few days of fishing. Smallies friday night Slabs today Perch Thursday if only a day with Saugeyes mixed in it would have been almost perfect!!:) [​IMG]
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    Sounds like an awesome day on the water....

    By the way... Where is the no wake zone up at O'Shay? I mainly fish north of home rd in the canoe and it can get really choppy and dangerous out there as you know....

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    Nice cooler full? There must be alot of crappies up there. I usually fish Delaware, but want to give Oshay a try this fall. Can't beat some spectacular crapie action like you just had.

    Are you tipping your jigs? Any specific color scheem?
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    nce cooler full, should fill some people up!
  5. Hey Perchy no wake zone is south of home road boat ramp starts right at Twin lakes opening rest of way down to dam. Oshay is loaded with crappies told you it was for a large fry not 10 people:) Caught on chartruese lime green or milktruese 3" tails. Some tipped with waxworm most just plain jig. Remember it was also a hot day so a large bage of ice was in bottom as well!
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    woah!!!nice catch,trot.sounds like you found the key for this time of year.i know you're good and already know that,but some people think this time of year fishing is bad,when they really are just not lookibg for the "key".
    the fish are giorging on those yoy shad and when you find the big baitballs,you're goona catch fish;)
    it's just been too hot for me to get out through the day to take advantage of it:(
  7. Thanks Rick was not going to sit and hope a few came under us yesterday. I told the guys we are going to be moving alot so do not get comfy till we find them. Took about 7 moves before we hit the right location. Was fishing same kind of areas but on west side and wind was pushing to east shore that turned out to be the big key. Found a spot where shore cut in ever so slightly making a cove like area that just gathered up the baitfish and the crappies were right there waiting!! Hope it cool off some for ya to get out always enjoy the adventures!! Take care!!:)
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    that's what it takes.the bait schools are pretty much constantly on the move,so you gotta keep looking till you find them.location can change every day,but somewhere there's gonna be some action.
  9. Thats a heck of a mess of Crappie for as hot as its been...Congratulations
  10. WOW, It doesn't get much BETTERNAT now duz it. :D Glad to hear fish are still there. Size sounds good too ! b-good, Mike
    ps, did rick catch any at all? :S :p
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    Thats a great cooler of fish. I was hopeing you had some ice in that cooler. This time of year those crappies can go bad really quick. Up here in N/W PA, i'm doing the same as you, only i'm not keeping many. If my buddy wants to keep some, thats okay with me, but i have plenty left from this spring in the freezer for myself. Nothin like slammin slabs on every cast. Ever try microspoons? check em out, You'll love em for crappies.
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    Way to go TROY!! :eek:Wished i was on your ON call list!!
    Gonna be a good fish fry there...when is it??
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    there is a "on call" list?

    i'm on call 24/7:D ;)
  14. Slim,
    I saw you guys saturday, I was going to stop by and say hi, but you had moved across the lake. I was catching shad and saw you on the west side around 5, I've been fishing that same spot, but it slowed down last week there. I found them there by accident throwing the cast net 3 weeks ago, I was catching them every throw, sometimes 5-6 per throw. So we switched gears to crappie fish. Caught mostly 8-9", no big ones. They were hitting a green twister on the drop only. I hit it for 10 minutes saturday after you guys moved, no hit's and too many skiers buzzing by. We went up north, got a couple cat's, one 25".
  15. Supercanoe Quiet on the spot!!!;) Yes that spot is a year in year out hole usually loads up in spring and mid summer then again towards fall. Most of what has been there last couple weeks was as you said 8-9" Just have to keep moving to chase them down. What was you in? Did you get pretty close by us only saw a couple other fishing boats pretty much all evening. Plenty of Ski Boats though!! If you see me out there again stop by see whats up!!
  16. I was south of you guys in a blue lowe. I was going to cruise by and say hi when I was done catching shad, but by then you had switched sides and were too far out of my way to stop(had to get to ramp to pick up buddy).
    I'll catch up with you sometime out there.
  17. Must've missed you guys out there on Saturday Slim. Lily and I went out on O'Shay and fished south of the No Wake Zone on the West side too. We went in Twin Lakes for a bit and that's when we probably missed you. We caught a bunch of Crappie around 6" but let them all go because we thought they were too small. Do you filet all those small ones too? I can't see sitting there and doing that for a filet the size of my finger. Sorry man. We must've thrown back at least 30 fish around 6-7 inches. They were skinny too. No fat ones worth keeping. I think I am going to buy one of those fish scale-ing (?) machines. That way I don't have to stand there and filet them all the time. Nothing like a nice CRISPY fried fish with dark brown crunchy skin. MMMMM Delicious.

    Catch you on the lake bro. Stay cool.

    Hey, you guys know what my Ranger looks like? Dark silver metalic with black down the sides, a Johnson GT 150 on the back and the boat says, "Bass Masters Classic Edition" on the sides and on the motor too.

    Swing by and say hello.
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    We rarely caught any that small. Ours were 8-12" we released tons of 8-9"
  19. Hi Trucked sorry i missed you Saturday we were south of no wake but not all the way down by zoo area. We fished from 5:00-8:30 on Saturday fish quit biting around 8:00. As for twin lakes i myself rarely fish it for the reason you just said i think it is the kindergarden for crappies on Oshay:D In past did well at times mostly spring. But as you mention always tons of busy little ones WHICK I DO NOT KEEP!! I only keep 9-10" and up. Lot of times when really good bite has to be 10-11" before keeping them. Saturday as well as Monday the fish we got were consistent 8-9" blacks which all went back except for a couple that swallowed jig into gills. All others kept were over 10" blacks and big boys last few times out are the Whites that were hugging bottom brush in 7-9 foot of water. As for the scaling machine they are awesome the guys i took saturday have one they use for perch and bluegills and crappies at it works great. Hope to see you 2 out there next time!!:)
  20. Were you guys there in the p.m. or the a.m.? Lily and I went from about 10a.m. to 2p.m. then it got too hot. Besides, we wanted to beat the tournament in so we wouldn't have a hard time pulling out.

    We tried Twin Lakes because there was shade in there under some trees on the left because Lily has to wear her floatation vest all the time so she gets real hot. Next time I will let her take a dip and maybe cool off. Although the water temp was a ridiculous 87 degrees in there.

    I saw one guy that was killing them in there. When you go in, you go to the left, then you have to go to the right, well he was straight across from the tree that went down 2 years ago and has NO leaves on it now. He was sitting in the shade in 9' of water in a little plastic 1 seater with a trolling motor on it. He was tied to a tree and was slaying them 8 to 10". We sat not too far away and watched him. He was using minnies and a 1/32 jig set at 8 ft. He is the fella that used to own the bait shop at Hard Rd and Riverside. We chatted for a bit and then left.

    It started to get too hot and we didn't bring anything to eat, just water. So Lily wanted to eat and we left.

    Catch ya later amigo.