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05 Mustang...I barely knew thee...

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Wannabitawerm, Feb 2, 2005.

  1. Wannabitawerm

    Wannabitawerm Flatulent Entreprenuer

    Well, number 4 is on the way and I got a call from the dealer today. Got someone interested in the 05 Mustang. :( I don't want to sell her and don't really have to, but, it's the right thing to do. bear with me while I dwell on the good times...

    ...Sonic blue...5 speed...325 rwhp (thanks to superchips)...500 watt shaker system...6 disc, mp3 player...traction control (yeah, right)...leather...tire shreddin' smoky burnouts...I...I...need to be alone... :(
  2. crankus_maximus

    crankus_maximus Crankus Baitus Maximus

    Poor fella. My momma had to sell her beloved Camaro SS when she had me. She loved that car... Maybe thats why she always beat me.... ha!

  3. Won't be burning too much rubber in my new (2002) Ford Focus with SOHC 2.0L monster machine!
  4. catking

    catking Banned

    Had to sell my '69 Camaro when I was young. Broke my heart....... :( .I feel your pain........... DA KING !!!
  5. no offense but why buy a new sports car in the first place w/ 3 kids and one on the way? The price of that car is a college education for one of them...then again if you can "afford" it..........
  6. Want to trade for a 92 coupe?

    Motorsport Cobra Intake
    Motorsport 65mm Throttle Body
    Pro M 75mm Mass Air Meter
    Anderson Motorsports Power Pipe w/ 12" Conical K&N filter
    Motorsport 24lb. hr. Fuel Injectors
    Aeromotive Adj. Fuel Preasure Regulator @ 42 p.s.i (vaccum removed)
    Motorsport Shorty Stainless Steel Headers
    MAC off road H pipe
    MAC Cat Back Exhaust
    Hurst Billet Plus Short Throw Shifter
    HP Motorsports Sub Frame Connectors
    Motorsport 4:10 ring & pinion
    Rebuild "tighter" traction lock diff.
    Autometer Guages

    Feel like I'm forgetting something.

    Factory orded stripped down car. Ordered with NO RADIO even

    325rwhp sounds like a good street car :D

    Hopefully if Uncle Sam is nice a S trim Vortech or AFR heads and custom cam on the way :D
  7. Ruminator

    Ruminator TeamOGF

    No power chip? You've got a real good start on a runnin' car.

    Mine was a 1965 Plymouth Satellite...426 Commando street wedge nicely honed. Just typing this I miss that car!! ;)

    In later years I had to go to the airport for aircraft fuel.:rolleyes:
    But what a car! Those 4:88 gears unleashed the beast!
  8. Wannabitawerm

    Wannabitawerm Flatulent Entreprenuer

    Affording the car still isn't a problem. When I bought the car, the new baby wasn't on the way. Like I said before, I don't have to sell it, but, if I do, I look like a hero and I can buy a Cobra in 07 or 08. :p

    There is a method to my madness.

    And by the way, Master Angler, you are absolutely right. College funds for the three are already set up. The new baby gets a jump start on his or her college as soon as the tax return comes in. I start them with 1/2 of the return, them weekly contributions from there. They are the biggest reason why I waited 16 years to buy a Mustang. :D

    PoleSnatcher, it is a great street car. I drove it to Presque Isle over the weekend, and averaged 17 mpg. And it handles like a dream. If it was paid for, I would consider trading it. As you know, no matter how fast it is, you always want it a little faster. :cool:
  9. rockbass

    rockbass Banned

    Congrats on the new one!

    too bad the car is going! I only wished I could get one! I love those things! :eek:
  10. shuvlhed1

    shuvlhed1 Banned

    325 rwhp. That's pretty good. considering it only has in the low 200's stock at most (300hp at the crank according to Ford). A chip really added over 100hp? With nothing else?
  11. A recalibrated ECU will be in place AFTER heads and cam. It will either be a PMS system or custom burned chip

    and no it can't never be fast enough :D :D :D
  12. catking

    catking Banned

    The wife has a " PMS " system , and it is bitchin ............... :D ....... CK
  13. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    Oh great KING, we have alot in common!...2 weeks a month she is as sweet as can be, the other two :eek:
  14. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    haha good one
  15. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    I feel your pain. I sold my '69 Firebird in November right before #1 arrived.:( (the car, not #1)

    At least you can buy a new car. A 35 year old car with <35,000 miles is irreplacable.
  16. Wannabitawerm

    Wannabitawerm Flatulent Entreprenuer

    shuvlhead1, do you remember the little issue Ford had with the underated h.p. rating on the cobras? Ford rated them too high and people were extremely disappointed. After that fiasco, ford rates select high-performance models as rwhp only. Flywheel hp ratings are done on the tamer models. I will tell you from experience first hand. give me an '02 or older Cobra, and I will dust it. It is every bit of 325 horsies pulling out the rear wheels. 04 GT's can't touch it and it takes at least an 04 Cobra to beat it. I work at Ford and I have had the guys at work challenge me on numerous occasions in their stangs, and that is the result.

    P.S. there was an article on the lightnings as well in car and driver. Just about any hi-po ford you buy has a underated rear wheel horsepower rating.
  17. shuvlhed1

    shuvlhed1 Banned

    You are saying it was already 300hp at the rear wheels? (I did not know they rated select models on rwhp. seems kind of stupid to me. but what do I know.) But according to you this 300rwhp is actually underrated by Ford because of customer disappointment (imagine that :p ) so it may have already been pushing 325rwhp. So what did the chip do?

    I am so confused. :confused: :confused:
  18. Wannabitawerm

    Wannabitawerm Flatulent Entreprenuer

    I will clear up the confusion for you shuvlhed, The rating of 300 hp is the rear wheel rating. They don't specify whether it is rear wheel or flywheel. If it was 300 at the flywheel, it would be about 260 in the brochure. The 25 added from the programmer is rear wheel horsepower.

    If you buy one, you will see the difference when you drive it. If you not going to drive one or own one, then don't worry about it. If you really want to prove someone wrong, get into politics.

    You come across as some one other than a Ford man to me. That's okay. Nobody's perfect! :p
  19. shuvlhed1

    shuvlhed1 Banned

    Just trying to gain an understanding. I am not good with the quote system here, so I'll try to paraphrase fairly here:

    YOU said "My mustang has 325rwhp with a chip"

    I said "thats pretty impressive, a large gain over stock for just a chip where the rwhp will be in the low 200's stock"

    YOU said "High performance models are rated by their rwhp and underrated at that."

    Then YOU said "The rating of 300hp is the rear wheel rating. They don't specify wether it is rear wheel or flywheel" (This part really confused me):confused: :eek: :confused: :eek: :confused:

    So I said "what the heck did the chip do?"

    I assumed that theoretically your mustang (again, you weren't clear on what YOUR car had) was pushing an underrated 300rwhp. I made a possibly assinine leap to think that if it was that underrated, it could already be nearing 325rwhp off the dealer's lot. So your chip may have done nothing but drain you wallet or given you considerably more that 325rwhp.
  20. Wannabitawerm

    Wannabitawerm Flatulent Entreprenuer

    After reading my post (which made perfect sense to me when I wrote it) I absolutely see your confusion. I apologize for that. Let's see if this helps, if not let me know.

    My Mustang has 300 hp at the rear wheels stock. With the programmer from superchips, it is now about 325 at the rear wheels. The rating from ford does not tell you whether 300 is flywheel or rear wheel. Most ford guys will tell you, ford does that because if they rated it at true flywheel hp, it would be around 340. This would outclass the cobras, cause gas guzzler taxes to be higher, etc, etc. Because ford is not required to specify rear wheel or flywheel, as most mfgs are not required to do, it is their way of kinda stickin' it to the regulations so to speak.

    For example, the ford lightning i belive was rated at 375 horse from the mfg. When tested on a dyno, (At the axle, mind you, not the flywheel) it was actually rated around 390. Which would put flywheel at well over 400. If they specified the flywheel rating, it would probably raise the cost substantially. (That's a good part of the reason the Dodge rt/10 cost you your first born, an arm, a leg, and your left nut. :p

    After the issue with the ford cobras and the guys getting beat by stock GT's, ford has rated these vehicles ever since at the rear wheels. With that being said, if I was only pushing the stock 200 some-odd hp as you were saying, with a car that is quite a bit heavier than the 04's, I should be gettin' my butt beat.

    I would suggest if you can get a chance to compare the 04 to the 05, try it! Even for a test drive, trust me, its a blast and you will see the difference from the 04 to the 05.

    By the way, if I don't sell it, I've got a nice Christmas list for this year. I got it out of the Ford Racing catalog. :rolleyes: 400 horsies here I come!!