'05/'06 season ice line?

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  1. hardwaterfan

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    so what are you guys gonna be spooling up with this year.

    my plan as of right now:

    ultralight (panfish): 2lb. or even 1lb. Vanish if they make 1lb, i might try that. I never had a break off last year with the 2lb. even when i accidently caught a largemouth and a large white bass. but i have smooth drags on my frabill ul's. i really like the stuff. its SO thin, by far the thinnest line ive ever worked with and supposedly invisible underwater.

    medium lights (walleyes, bigger game): i tried 4lb. yozuri last year and i thought it was a good line. this year im thinking about trying 4lb. vanish on these. i am trying to be as stealthy as possible.

    subject to change, its along way off yet. :D ;)

    i like the fluorocarbon. i read you guys saying last year to make sure to wet the knots before tightening down, and also read somewhere not to use saliva, and i never had a knot break last season, or any unintentional break off for that matter. i had a snag on the 4lb. yozuri last year and it was incredibly hard to break the knot.

    power pro ice, trilene, yozuri, , fireline ice...p line....etc...so many choices...
  2. Lundy

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    I do very little panfishing through the ice.

    Most of my fishing is with pretty good sized spoons and rapala's

    My walleye/saugeye rods are set up with either fireline (3/8 or 4/10) or Trilene cold weather (8 or 10 lb)line.

    Deeper than 10-12 ft I use the fireline and add a leader if neccesary (normally isn't) and in shallower water I use the mono. I really prefer the mono when fishing Buckeye or Indian for the shallow eyes

  3. Five seasons ago, I tried the same line for ice fishing that I had spooled for catfishing., 20lb. Seaguar fluorocarb. This was used for jigging Nils-Master baits and Swedish Pimples. I figured since the line was invisible, the added thickness wouldn't matter. Been using it ever since. For pans, I think any quality light mono would work. Before the advent of super thin mono's, I used nylon sewing thread from the fabric store. It worked very well for ultralight/microlight presentations. It's dirt cheap too.
    I've heard of the saliva thing and don't buy it. Been lubing my knot with saliva virtually my entire fishing life with no ill effects.
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    Trilene Micro Ice, 6 & 4 lb for walleye, 4 & 3 & 2 lb for panfish. I don't generally use polymer line or leader. I tried Vanish for steelheading when it first came out and that's what happened most of the time, the line broke and the fish VANISHED.
  5. Trying 8 # power pro ( 1 # test diameter ) on a couple of my poles, for this coming year. Cajun Red 4 # I used last year impressed me. Its red hue really stood out on the ice. So I will keep that on the other two poles.