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  1. I got to hit the water all day yesterday. I got to hit 2 tribs and the downstream side of a gravel bar. The first trib I hit from about 8:30-10am. The water had dropped about a foot over night and seems like some of the fish that were at the mouth werent there. I caught a 15" smallie, 12" LM, and 10 white bass ranging from 8"-15". Most fish were caught on an in-line spinner, the smallie was caught on a 3" swim shad. From about 9:30-10 I had no action so it was time to move.

    I went home and hooked up my anchor setup on my kayak and headed up river to a trib I been wanting to hit. I fished from my kayak for about 3 hours and landed 20+ white bass, sadly none were over 10". I threw 3" grubs, 3" swim shad, stick baits, cranks but all they would take was in-line spinners. This was a deeper trib and the fish were pretty cold so the bigger ones may not have moved up on it yet. I fished from about 11am-2pm.

    I took my yak home and got something to eat and decided to try a gravel bar that usually produces well in late April-early May when the water is lower. I got in about 4pm and fished til around 6pm. The water was higher than I like but there was a nice slack area that was 30-40' from the bank. I ended up catching 10 white bass all over 12" and a 16" white crappie. All fish were taken on either a 3" swim shad or in-line spinner.

    It was a pretty good day and nice to get the yak out for its first trip of the year. I am still not totally convinced that the white bass run is on yet. They still seem to be in small schools and haven't really grouped up yet. I would catch 4 or 5 and then go 20-30 mins without a hit, then catch a few more. I still think the water needs to warm a little bit more and the level needs to drop about 2'. When the run is on, 100+ is easy in some of the spots I fish. I am not going to down play a 40+ fish day in early april though. The river is still pretty stained but the creeks were super clear, hope they stay that way and the river clears up a little bit.

  2. Thanks for the updates and reports!

    Always good to get out and any bend in your pole is a good bend in your pole!

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    Fishing247 and I had a similar experience today. We caught several white bass, but the wipers weren't hitting. The WB seemed to be scattered, we get a few fish then the bite would turn off and we'd move or we'd see surface action down farther and move.

    We probably caught 6 fish before hitting the mouth where we spent more time and the fish hit about the same, but since we stayed around longer we caught more fish. I had 4 fish in a 5 minute span from the same spot and then the bite stopped as quick as it started.

    I tried inline spinners and swim shad today in a couple of sizes, but again my most effective bait was a 3" swim shad. They seemed to like a slower retrieve today until the sun came overhead and then a quicker retrieve seemed to help some.

    Still not quite the WB or wiper fishing that you like to have, but good nonetheless. It' still just the first week of April! I'm looking forward to better action and with the activity on the forums here recently...you know it's that time of year :D

  4. I am yet to hit a hybrid this year. Usually they will mix in with those white bass but havent had any luck this year. I wish I could see some surface action from bait to help pinpoint where they are. I have seen very little bait so far this year. I am relying on spots tht have worked in the past and working them hard using various baits. Around here I like the water level to be 15-16' and recently it hasnt been below 18'. I checked the guage today and its down just under 17' so I am going to suit up in my rain gear and hit the river for a little bit. Will report when I get back.

  5. Got out for about 2hrs this morning. Hit a trib that had been producing well in the mornings. The water was down over a foot since I fished on Wednesday. All I caught was one largemouth. It looked prime for a good day but I couldn't buy a hit. Threw everything in the bag and all I got was that largemouth. With the cold front coming in over the weekend I probably wont get back out til the middle of next week. Good luck to anyone thats fishing this weekend.