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  1. Youth Fishing Tournaments?

    Tournament Discussion
    Hey guys, My buddy and I are both big into fishing and live in Northwest Ohio. We have a boat with clean title and all the right paperwork to go to tournaments. Looking for any tournaments during the Summer or Fall directed towards the youth that won't kill us with a huge entry fee. We are both...
  2. 11y/o daughter got Deer Creek State Park, 10y/o son got Salt Fork State Park - any general guidance?

    Hi everyone, Looking to get some general guidance for Deer Creek State Park (October) for my 11 year old daughter who was selected for the youth archery hunt (her first hunting experience) as well as for Mosquito Creek gun (January) - yes she was lucky in getting selected for both. My 10y/o...
  3. Help make dreams come true.

    Pond Management
    https://www.gofundme.com/hrnvph6c PLEASE SHARE ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE YOU CAN! Williams county Ohio I want to get a clean up event going for Mid-March. I want to start with George Bible Park and see how it goes. I am looking for volunteers and still accepting donations to get an Outdoor...