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  1. New OGF Members
    New to the forum, recently retired and ready to fish this spring! Only problem is I need a boat! Im looking at used starcraft fishmaster 18/20ft or Lund fisherman 18/20 ft.
  2. OGF Marketplace
    I am going on a float trip in June, and I'm going to need a canoe (I've sold so many over the years!) 14' and up. Weight cap of 500 lbs and up. Got tons of stuff to trade, or cash. And I will most likely only use it once, and then re post it for sale. I have 4 boats as is, and my wife would kill...
  3. OGF Marketplace
    Looking to buy an underwater camera and monitor to look at structure underwater. I would also just be interested in the camera module alone. Let me know if you have one your willing to part ways with.
1-3 of 3 Results