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  1. Small Game Hunting
    Hey everyone as the title says I think the rabbit I shot today had tularemia. For context I flushed 4 rabbits before this one and they all took off into either the woods or property I didn't have permission to hunt on, anyways this rabbit I was able to harvest was sitting on the ground in some...
  2. OGF Marketplace
    I spent $210 and wore them once for 3hrs. Had a battle with Cancer and that shot my fishing for 2yrs. They are seriously ultra insulated as you can see. Very comfortable too.
    $100 USD
  3. Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    Does anyone catch creek chubs around Cincinnati during the winter? Do they start showing up in? If so then I can try to load up my bait freezer. Thanks in advance for the information. Tight lines to all. Norb http://cincinnaticatfishing.com
  4. Canoes & Kayaks
    Here's a little video of some winter video.
  5. Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    We have had it pretty hood this winter for fishing, let's not forget how cold it was. If you like the vid give us a like.
1-6 of 6 Results