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  1. Steelhead Talk
    Up before dawn for trip to Erie to go after some steelhead. Picked my bud up in Euclid and headed to Wildwood. My bud had been there the prior evening to scout the action, which he was glad to see was hot. Arrived before sunrise, 2 fishers already there on the west breakwall, one at the tip...
  2. Lake Erie Fishing Reports
    Came out the Harbor saw about 25 boats surrounding Linda May in about 37 foot of water! Turned the vhf radio on and heard a lot of guys asking Linda Mae if they were on fish, I quickly determined that if those boats are that close to one another asking if anyone is having any luck then they...
  3. Lake Erie Fishing Reports
    Took out my Two neighbors Bill and Stan for a shot at some Late Fall Perch Action! Put in at 72nd and it started searching! Waves were 2-4s subsiding to 1-3s! Was really worried the perch were still out in deep water like they had been over a week with all the Bad weather! Figured I'd just idle...
1-3 of 3 Results