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  1. Lake Erie Fishing Reports
    Came out the Harbor saw about 25 boats surrounding Linda May in about 37 foot of water! Turned the vhf radio on and heard a lot of guys asking Linda Mae if they were on fish, I quickly determined that if those boats are that close to one another asking if anyone is having any luck then they...
  2. Fremont Whitebass

    Nice big stringer of some great tasting WB :p
  3. Sandusky River Whitebass

    Spring 08 Run-All fish donated to a church fund called "feed the homeless" in Elyria
  4. Sandusky River Whitebass

    Spring 2008-Early Season Action
  5. Sandusky Whitebass

    The first of 2008-A great season is ahead!
  6. 06-08-07_1059

    buddy's white bass scioto river
1-7 of 7 Results