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  1. OR White Bass

    OR White Bass

    Weird "pose", but decent fish
  2. Ohio River White Bass

    Ohio River White Bass

  3. Galena 5/10/08

    Galena 5/10/08

    14" white bass caught on a roadrunner jighead with 3" pink twister
  4. White Bass 06, Deer Creek

    White Bass 06, Deer Creek

    Mine and a friend's 2hr. Catch at Deer Creek one evening in '06.
  5. 09-06-06_1102


    white bass scioto river
  6. wild wings white perchin

    wild wings white perchin

  7. The batch 9/23/07

    The batch 9/23/07

    Caught a good number whities that day. Gulls were divin', shad were popin... I was done in about two hours. Couldn't take much more.
  8. 13" White Bass

    13" White Bass

    My first white bass! Caught 4-19-07 on GMR.
  9. GMR Crappie 4/5/07

    GMR Crappie 4/5/07

    12" Crappie caught below dam in Troy on GMR. One of five species caught this evening (see other pics). 4/5/07.