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  1. Northern pike

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Trying to see if the northern are moving much yet? This is going to be my first year after them and have never caught one.. But really want to.. so any info would be very much appreciated
  2. Double E Bar/Bait Shop in Ravenna (remember it?)

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Just out of curiosity, I wonder if anyone remembers the Double E Bar in Ravenna? There was also the double e bait shop that I used to work for a few weeks in the summer. My grandma and grandpa owned them and I see so many people posting about Lake Milton, Berlin, West Branch, Etc that I...
  3. West Branch Crappie - Need info

    Panfish Discussions
    I fished with my family at West Branch years ago and would like to do so again. Can someone tell me what are the best times of day to catch crappie? Is it like other fish, morning and near sunset? I hate to drive out there for an unproductive day, thanks!
  4. West Branch Musky

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    I was wondering if anyone had some tips to share for catching Musky at West Branch. I'm going to be up there tomorrow, trying to get my first one!!!!
  5. Kayak Fishing West Branch

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Do many people on here kayak fish at west branch? I know the size of the lake could make it difficult but is there an area where you could launch and have good access to some better parts of the lake, specifically on the no-wake side so that I don't get tossed around? I do have a lowrance fish...
  6. West Branch Visit

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Will be heading in from Columbus this weekend to stay with the ladies family over the long weekend. They live less than 10 minutes away from the West Branch Dam. Thanks to everyone's advice, the last time I came up I fished the Dam from shore and had over 15 Musky Follows. Looking for advise...
  7. West Branch Drift Boat Fishing

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    I was at West Branch state park doing a little grocery shopping in the woods and saw a couple of guys put a drift boat in this afternoon. They were a long way from where I was but it looked like they were unloading fly gear. Being a fly fisherman, I'm curious if it was anyone on here and what...
  8. Lake Milton/ West Branch - Tips for Central OHIO OGFEr

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    I will be going up to the Lake Milton and West Branch area this weekend for easter to visit with the Ladies family. I am a big Musky fisherman here in Central Ohio and have been wanting to check out fishing these (2) lakes. I will NOT have access to a boat and will be fishing from shore. Down...