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wax worms

  1. I tried!

    Fishing Reports - Out of State
    November the 25th. It was a bright sunny day so I decided to wet a line. A person told me about catching fish at a local Kentucky lake with wax worms this past weekend. That lake is where I went; I stopped for the wax worms at the store the person suggested. I checked out their bait, all the...
  2. Fun day bluegill fishing

    Fishing Reports - Out of State
    The other week my 2 grandchildren and I went bluegill fishing at a Ky. county lake. We got red worms and wax worms at a local mom & pop bait store on the way to the lake. My grandson challenged me and my granddaughter that he would catch more fish than the 2 of us. We got our lines in the...
  3. 2 lakes for bluegills

    Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    I went bluegill fishing with my grandson yesterday afternoon. We hit our favorite lake, it was very clear. The fish were not in a hungry mood, 7 bluegills a piece, so we drove to another lake. When we got there a breeze was blowing that made watching our bobbers harder than normal. The fish...
  4. Different lake same results

    Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    June 21st. My grandson & I went to a different lake to fish for bluegills. We had a few wax worms left over from our last trip to start with for bait. WE started out down by the dam, and the wax worms were getting bites very quickly. Once again my grandson had 8 fish before I got my first...
  5. 1st fish of 2016

    Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    March 11 th. I got a call from my grandson wanting to go fishing. We were both eager to go and wet a line at our favorite pond. Stopped at our local Mom & pop bait shop got some red & was worms for bluegills. We got to the pond at 13:30 had lines in the water by 13:40. A short time later my...