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  1. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Number 8 from the res. 26” Caught on live bluegill off bridge by Eddies. Ultra lite 8lb test. Was a real fun fight. Could’ve lost him at any second. 4:15 am. Catch and release starting with this one and from now on. I want to leave a couple for us to catch again!!! Bait and small crappie...
  2. Tips and Tricks
    Hey folks, this is my first time posting on here and I was wondering folks could point me in the direction of a good beginner’s guide to fishing the Maumee Walleye Run in the spring? a bit about me: I was born and raised in the rural south, and grew up doing 90% of my fishing in local farm...
  3. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Was out bass fishing with live shad and bluegill. Hit a nice largemouth with my only shad. Resorted to bluegills, I was expecting catfish And got a nice bite as sun was going down. 27 1/4”
  4. General Fishing Techniques
    A story about an old lure and fishing a long time ago. He will be getting his "old lure back" this weekend. https://paintedbackrigs.com/my-old-mans-lure/
  5. Walleye on a Fisherman's Line.jpg

    A 9 lb. Lake Erie walleye that I caught a few year back while bouncing a Fin-S-Fish along the bottom while drifting. I recently created an underwater scene for it using digital art and photography techniques which I then layered the fish into. Now it's ready to be made into a large print!
  6. Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    Here is another view of the river during the run on Easter. Maumee River Walleye Run Aerial Video 2
  7. Lake Erie Fishing Reports
    Where are they jigging walleye? Going west Saturday and want to find some walleye. Anyone had any luck yet this year this will be my first trip to the islands for the jig bite
  8. Ohio River Fishing Reports
    About what time of year or temperature do the eyes start running? Planning on heading to fremont in the morning chasing steel but I’m just way more into walleye so I wouldn’t mind tossing a jig with a grub or floater setup for a while when we are there. I’m very new to river fishing so I’m...
  9. Outdoor Events & Seminars
    Free Lake Erie Walleye Seminar, Quick Bytes - Walleye Tips and Tricks. Check out the link below and register. You will get an email with a link to the Live Stream on March 13th from 9 to Noon. The instructors are Zak Jobes, Marc Bottone and Lucas Hahn. View the schedule, subjects and bios on the...
  10. Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    I promised I'd get this video up of the hot areas to fish for walleye on the Maumee River. I took this video when the water level was really down so you can get a good look at what might be the best areas to fish. Hope you enjoy it. If you get a chance look me up on MeWe too. Same as...
  11. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Got me another. Caught by Eddies on live shad. 22in
  12. The Lounge
    Thinking about heading out to look for some walleye this evening. Was wondering if anyone had any advice or suggestions to help me put one in the boat. Is lake milton or Berlin lake the better option? Anybody had any recent success catching eaters? It's been 3 or 4 months since I've eaten...
  13. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    The bass massacre has come to an end. Due to lower numbers of shad hanging around the culvert.Decided to take some shad down to the spot where I have caught walleye before and low and behold 24in beauty
  14. Lake Erie Fishing Reports
    What spion size/pattern is working well in Cleveland currently? Going up tonight and wondering what to use
  15. OGF Marketplace
    Eleven brand new or slightly used lures for sale as follows: 1 Custom Bandit deep walleye - zip line 1 Custom Bandit deep walleye - antifreeze 1 Bandit deep walleye - grapefruit 1 Bandit shallow walleye - chrome blue back 1 Strikeking deep walleye elite banana shad - pink lemonade 1 WNC deep...
  16. OGF Marketplace
    Call or text (216) 513-2597 email: [email protected] Engine hours: 206 Hours (Print from Parma Marine available) EXCELLENT condition Alumacraft Trophy 185 boat for sale. Ready for trolling and tubing and comes with many extras! $23,500 Specs: 2009 Alumacraft Trophy 185 Motors: 3 2011...
  17. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    What part of the lake are the willows on? Or are they in multiple locations?
  18. Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    Some days make you think you should quit while you're ahead because it won't get much better. I was on my first (and only) spot of the day before 6:30 and had a 16" Walleye in the boat by 6:40, on my first half nightcrawler. Got the second one on the other half of that same worm. Ended up with 6...
  19. OGF Marketplace
    Cleaned the closet out, 1 Talora 8' 6" 2 pc medium, MF action, 45 2- Diawa Sealine 47SH, non line counters on 2 Reflex series, 8'6"2 pc rigger rods, med. 65 ea reels alone 40 ea. 2- Cabelas Depthmaster reels, DM 30 on 8'6" Wilderness rods, 2 pc. 45 ea combo 1- Cabelas Depthmaster , telescoping...
  20. Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    I would like to try some pier fishing this spring off of Catawba, would like to get some yellow perch, but wondering what other fish will also be biting off the pier? walleye, bass? I would probably use 3 way rig for perch, what would be best for walleye or bass this time of year off the pier...
1-20 of 155 Results