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  1. Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    Ice fishing, Conventions, Muzzleloader, Turkey
  2. Turkey Hunting
    With the season coming to a close, wondering what people thought about what is best decoy or is it worth spending extra money on buying the more expensive decoy, i.e. Avian-x, verses some of the others like HS or Primos, etc. There are no guarantees that a turkey will come running, is there one...
  3. The Lodge
    I’ve been hunting public in my neck of the woods this last year and half, and I have noticed as I scouted for turkeys that I’m finding MANY stands still up from deer season, isn’t it required they take them down after the season? Should I call odnr? And what if I find what looks like abandon...
  4. Turkey Hunting
    Last year on opening day, we were hit with the lows and highs of hunting all in one day. After being the first one to the spot, I am a waterfowl hunter, so that means something to me, but apparently doesn't mean anything to others, we had hunters swing in and cut in behind us a shoot birds on...
  5. Turkey Hunting
    Last year we had a BIG tom working this field. After playing games with him all morning, an airplane buzzed the field flying low which sent the gobbler into a gobbling frenzy before running towards us, ultimately giving us the shot. We couldn't believe it! The tom ended up weighing in a 24lbs...
  6. Turkey Hunting
    As we get ready for the season to open here in Ohio, a look back at a lesson I learned last year! It happens to everybody, we get busted and we hear the dreaded "Putt". Many times the birds are out of range, or you freeze up and don't take a shot. However, most of the time, when a bird starts...
1-6 of 6 Results