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  1. Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    The ice fishing season that wasn’t, Early spring bite tactics, Trout releases
  2. Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Has anyone ever floated the upper clear fork? Through Belleville or Butler?
  3. Fishing Reports - Out of State
    Ohio game fishermen, My brother and 2 friends are trying to plan a 3-4 day trip to the national forest to backpack/hike/fish. We are all fairly experienced campers and hikers and are definitely able to cover 10+ miles in a day hiking. We would be going sometime mid-late may and I’m just...
  4. Fishing Reports - Out of State
    November the 25th. It was a bright sunny day so I decided to wet a line. A person told me about catching fish at a local Kentucky lake with wax worms this past weekend. That lake is where I went; I stopped for the wax worms at the store the person suggested. I checked out their bait, all the...
  5. Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hello, I just recently moved to Toledo (Maumee area) from Pennsylvania. Any recommendations to decent spots within the area? I enjoy trout fishing but always like to try and catch some big monsters too!. I like creek fishing but trying to find a good hole I would have no clue where to start...
  6. Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    HI. I am wondering if anyone has had any luck on massies creek around peterson park. i am trying to find new streams and rivers to fish around my area. Just wondering if its worth a shot or not! thanks.
  7. Fishing Reports - Out of State
    April 6th.My grandson and I tried to catch some catfish at a local county lake. Got our lines in the water around 11:40, there were already a number of other fishermen at the dam wall area. . The lake water was clouded up some and strong winds keep on gusting while we were there. We had chicken...
  8. Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    If you've visited any of our local stocker ponds, this video is for you. Our attempt at teaching you how to clean and cook trout. If you try it, let us know what you think. Tight lines and thanks for watching, Gus
  9. Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    We're going down on Saturday to try out my boat and fish the stocked trout, to Jefferson state park in Richmond. Anyone know of a close bait shop and their hours? I understand there's options in Stubenville but that's also another 20 minutes past the lake and that cuts into fishing time. Were...
  10. Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    We put together a little fishing vlog for our trip to the Mad on March 5th. Overall, great day! Caught 2 suckers, a bunch of creek chubs and 6 brown trout (used spinning gear). Let us know what you think :)
  11. The Lounge
    I've only seen one post and it was in a specific region forum, thought this was suitable to make sure it was seen here. The spring trout stocking calendar has been released. A lot of fun and certainly a great event for kids or getting someone into fishing...
  12. The Lounge
    Hey guys! My name is Gus Martin and I've recently started producing fishing videos via YouTube with my brother Zach. Last night we uploaded our first video and would love some feedback! It can be seen here: You can also find us on instagram @ReelTackleboys. Thanks for watching and have a...
  13. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hey all, Anyone ever fish the Rocky in Medina? I've heard rumors that steelhead can sometimes make it that far. Never seen anyone fishing it though. I moved to Medina 2 years ago and have been driving over it along it and by it every day. Thanks Lj
  14. Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Morning everyone. I've got 3 new anglers excited at the chance to catch trout in the upcoming release dates. My question is, if we plan on going to the lake the day after stocking, any chance of us catching trout or do they typically get snatched up in the first day? Just want to get the proper...
  15. New OGF Members
    Hi, Im Patrick Please go and check out my youtube channel! I will be posting new videos every single week! Here are a few enjoy!
  16. 11-9-08

  17. The days Catch

    The days Catch
  18. Dylan Trout

    Dylans Trout.. biggest of the day.
  19. Ausin Trout

    2 of the 5 we caught that day.
1-20 of 37 Results