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  1. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Tappen had a huge sack weighed in. I was going to hit this lake this fall, but not sure what to expect. Most of the guys struggled there this weekend except the winners. Worth my time to fish it? https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/fishtalkfishingreports/tappan-lake-oh-7-26-20-t13879.html#p91688
  2. Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    This weekend I entered into the Cowan lake tournament for the Cincinnati kayak fishing trail and placed 4th out of 39 anglers and qualified for the kayak bass fishing a rip al championship ship! I have a 2nd place finish and a 4th place finish in the first 2 events so far this year. Fishing was...
  3. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Jim and I ended up putting a good pattern together last Wednesday. We had some camera mishaps, but was able to piece a good video to share with ya. We give some insight on where we found the active bass. Types of weeds, lure, and presentation. Definitely weren't active in the wood like we...
  4. Fish on the Fly
    I have never been involved with a fly fishing contest or tournament. How are they judged? Does a judge accompany each angler or is it an honor system?
  5. Tournament Discussion
    Hey Everybody! Our shop is under new ownership. One of our goals for 2019 is to start having regular tournaments. We are hosting our first tournament of 2019 this Saturday. Short notice but with the crazy weather lately it's been tough to plan. Where: LaDue Reservoir What: Panfish Weighing...
  6. Tournament Discussion
    OGF Members, My name is Noah Matteson and I am the co-founder and president of the UC Bass Fishing Team. We are holding an online bass fishing tournament on the 6th of October from 12am-9pm. A couple things about the tournament~~~ - To register, all you have to do is send an e-mail to...
  7. Tournament Discussion
    Central Ohio Kayak Fishing League Presents: Weekly Bass tournaments starting the first Wednesday in May @ 5pm till Dusk. Location rotates between Griggs and Hoover Reservoir, starting at Griggs. Final event will be the last Wednesday in September. (22 events) Buy-in is $20 with $5 optional big...
  8. Tournament Discussion
    Kayak Fishing Bass Tournament - July 22nd Fin Feather Fur is putting this on with 25% going to St. Jude. Lake Mifflin July 22 Sign up before July 21st at 8:o0 pm to get special discounts on kayaks and fishing gear. Top 5 anglers take home cash. Over $500 cash in bonus pay outs. $25 entry fee...
  9. Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    I'm fishing a kayak fishing tournament this weekend and am trying to narrow down some spots for productive water. The rules are that it has to be moving water within a 60 mile radius of Parkersburg, WV. This opens up the Ohio River, the Hocking River, Kanawha River, Little Kanawha River, etc...
  10. Tournament Discussion
    Hey guys, My buddy and I are both big into fishing and live in Northwest Ohio. We have a boat with clean title and all the right paperwork to go to tournaments. Looking for any tournaments during the Summer or Fall directed towards the youth that won't kill us with a huge entry fee. We are both...
  11. Tournament Discussion
    Rough and tough conditions at the Crown Battery, Sharpnack Direct, Lake Erie Walleye Trail (LEWT) season opener hosted by Magee East Marina and Campground. The sold-out field of 60 two-person teams headed out under cloudy skies and a 15 knot northwest wind on Saturday morning. “I heard from...
  12. Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    Has anyone on here participated in these events before? Either the Bass League or the Bass Series? I have never tournament fished before but would be interested in trying this out if anyone else wanted to. Downside is I do not have a boat so I would need to pair up with someone who does. It is...
  13. Tournament Discussion
    2016 Schedule Fish 6 Dates To Qualify For The Classic Sun, April 3 - Alum Creek Lake (Ice Out Open) Sat, April 16 - Rocky Fork Lake Sun, May 1 - Deer Creek Lake *Sat, May 14 - Hoover Reservoir (Youth/Adult Open)* Sun, May 22 - Delaware Lake Sat, June 11 - O'Shaughnessy Reservoir Sat, July 16...
  14. My new for 2008 sponsors! www.BountyFishing.com

    Here are my new for 2008 sponsors www.BountyFishing.com They have multi-species tournaments that you register for online. You pick the species and the day and go fish. Take photos. Submit photos. Length of fish determins the winner. Forensic software is used to determine authenticity of photo. As
  15. Kentucky Lake "Ledge" fish

    Kentucky Lake "Ledge" fish
  16. IMG_08121

    2007 Crappie Open Tournament
  17. IMG_08231

    2007 Crappie Open Tournament
  18. IMG_08091

    2007 Crappie Open Tournament
1-20 of 39 Results