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  1. MLK day weekend

    Steelhead Talk
    I’m lucky enough to get Monday off for MLK day and am hoping to chase some steel around, I’m three hours south of the the chargin and Fairport areas, wondering if you guys think it’s worth the drive time to come up Sunday after church to fish and stay the night and fish Monday till 4 or so...
  2. Fly Rods. Switch rod 7wt, 8wt, and 4wt.

    OGF Marketplace
    Cleaning out my fly rod collection. 1. Redington Dually 11ft 3in. 7wt. I purchased used and I used it once. I wanted to use it euro style but it didn’t work out for me. It’s in great shape part of me wants to keep it and learn to swing it but not enough time this year. Sold 2. St. Croix...
  3. 6th Annual Barbie Rod Steelhead Derby

    Tournament Discussion
    It's coming soon! March 30th, 2019 at the emerald necklace marina pavillion! New this year, we have added a kid's division! All proceeds are donated to the Cleveland Metroparks Fishing Fund. Online raffle is going on now. The drawing and cookout also held at the event. All the details...
  4. Heading to Rocky River

    Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Me and my buddy are heading to Rocky River to try and land a steelhead. Never fished for them before. Looking for any tips!
  5. Smoked Steelhead

    OGF Kitchen
    I tinkered with smoking steelhead for awhile and this has been the best so far. My recipe is here - https://outdoorsmandad.wordpress.com/2017/05/19/smoked-steelhead-with-fire-lime-chipotle/. Let me know what you think and if you have tried other ways
  6. Line weight when swinging for steelhead

    Fish on the Fly
    So here is my set up from reel to tip: Backer Slick Shooter mono SA floating compact skagit head 4 inch 25lb mono to effect a double loop connection MOW sinking tip LOOPED HERE IS MY ISSUE 16 inch to 24 inch 12 lb mono leader ( one loop other end tied with a slat water loop to fly) I keep...
  7. Rocky river fishing 2/5?

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hello is anyone planning on fishing the rocky tomorrow? We drove from west of Toledo Friday and fished the chagrin all day today and two weeks ago we fished 15 hrs in Michigan. We still have yet to catch a steelhead. We flat out just have no clue what we are doing. We have the basics down but...
  8. Steelhead this weekend

    Steelhead Talk
    Planning a trip this coming weekend I know there is some rain in the forecast but I'm crossing my fingers. Planning on the rocky, chagrin, big creek I think and one other.... if I'm saying those correctly. Talked to orvis shot last night and honestly I was baffled by the response on my...
  9. New to steelhead fishing

    Steelhead Talk
    I live in Massillon and want to get into some steelhead fishing. I'm going to start with spinning gear, but want to get into flyfishing for them and have done some flyfishing for panfish, but not much. I have a few questions if anybody can answer them. For a spinning outfit, what pound test and...
  10. Vermillion steelheading?

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hello I hope someone can give me some helpful information. My fiancé and I have recently started fly fishing, both receiving new 8w fly rods for Xmas we are ready for some steelhead fishing. To vermillion it is a 2 hour drive and we have some friends that live there so some weekend trips are...
  11. Rocky River in Medina

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hey all, Anyone ever fish the Rocky in Medina? I've heard rumors that steelhead can sometimes make it that far. Never seen anyone fishing it though. I moved to Medina 2 years ago and have been driving over it along it and by it every day. Thanks Lj
  12. Wildwood Jumbo Perch \ Whitebass Showdown 11-17-16

    Lake Erie Fishing Reports
    Came out the Harbor saw about 25 boats surrounding Linda May in about 37 foot of water! Turned the vhf radio on and heard a lot of guys asking Linda Mae if they were on fish, I quickly determined that if those boats are that close to one another asking if anyone is having any luck then they...
  13. If you could only chose 5 flies for steelhead

    Steelhead Talk
    I used to fly fish a ton years ago for Chrome but going to college and starting a business makes having free time tough. I'm finally in a solid position in my life that I will be able to fly fish again for steelhead. I always had the most success on pink sucker spawn. My question is if you guys...
  14. Update on Vermilion?

    Steelhead Talk
    Anyone got eyes on the "V"
  15. Film trailer for "Chrome"

    Steelhead Talk
    Check out the trailer for the film, "Chrome," an official selection for the Fly Fishing Film Tour 2016. Spoiler alert, there's a conservation message in it.
  16. spey casting setup for sale

    OGF Marketplace
    Greys GRX 1+ paired with a reddington purist 7/8 large arbor spooled with rio skagit I flight shooting head, 250$ obo pick up in or near port clinton
  17. kayaking rocky river

    kayaking rocky river

    kayaking rocky river on the prowl for a good steelhead spot
  18. Clock - "Time Flies"

    Clock - "Time Flies"

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  19. Fly Girl

    Fly Girl

    Now available at www.cafepress.com/reelgifts
  20. my uncle rich

    my uncle rich

    my uncle rich with a nice 24 incher from the vermilion