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  1. Lake Milton 5-11-20

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    I fished Lake Milton for the first time with my buddy Jim last Monday. We just got back in town after a 3 day trip that we fished Milton, Mosquito, and Erie. Probably some of the worst May weather I've experienced. We ran into a couple snow squalls on the way to Milton. It snowed, sleeted...
  2. Scioto River (northern pike)

    Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hey all you fishy folks! Longtime reader, first time posting.. Let me start this off by saying that I grew up about a mile from the Scioto and have been fishing the watershed for almost 25 years now. I cut my teeth here and moved on to spend some years working as a fly fishing guide out west...
  3. New guy here! Grand River smallmouth Q...

    Bass Discussions
    Hello everyone, I am new to the area and just starting out on Grand and Chagrin rivers east of Cleveland this spring season – there is a lot of water! I am looking to catch smallmouth either wading or from the bank. Would anyone be willing to offer me some advice on which park(s) to start at...
  4. Anyone getting smallmouth in the streams?

    Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    My buddy and I are striking out recently chasing smallmouth on LMR and GMR. Yeah, we might get one or two fish but we're pretty much coming up empty. We've fished all the good-looking places... current breaks, eddies, structure in moving water. We've tried slow-moving pools. We've thrown...
  5. It's summer smallie time at BDC!

    Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Finally, the Darb' is back down to a reasonable level and my summer can commence! Had a decent evening at Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park for the first time this season. The gauge at Darbyville was around 2.89 when I left for the creek. This was the first time it had been substantially below 3...
  6. Leesville conditions

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hey guys! Been a long time since ive had to use ogf. Im planning a short bass fishing trip to leesville lake (weather permitting) mid week to next weekend. I have questions as ive never been there. Here goes. How is the water conditions down there as far as temp and clarity go at the moment? Is...
  7. Still Water Kayaking

    Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hello, I was wondering if anyone had any experience kayaking on the still water river. I was thinking about putting my kayak in the water in Englewood. The concern I had was I am not sure what the current is like on the river. I have a fairly slow fishing kayak and am normally by myself. How...
  8. Scioto River Question

    Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hello everybody, I have waded many local flows around Columbus and have kayaked the Scioto a few times in parts that seemed too deep to wade in, but now I am wondering if there are any stretches of the Scioto river around Columbus that are safe/possible to wade in. If anybody could recommend...
  9. Smallmouth Spots

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hi all! New to the forums but have been looking for a good smallmouth spot recently. I’m in Berea and was wondering if any one had any good smallmouth spots within 20-30 minutes of where I am. Any help is greatly appreciated!!
  10. Chagrin river

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    I'm sure this has been asked before, but does anyone know some good spots to try for smallmouth? Ive mostly only gotten to fish the spots near Willoughby and right now it's kinda dead. Anyone know any good spots around south chagrin reservation? I'm just not wanting to drive very far to find out...
  11. Lake Erie Tributary Smallmouth Fishing

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hey guys, I have been hitting the smallies in the Rocky River pretty hard the past few weeks and catching some real bruisers. I know a lot of these fish must be lake runners (Steelhead out, smallmouth in) because of there size. I have a couple questions I am hoping someone can help me with. 1...
  12. Chagrin River Smallmouth

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    I was wondering if anyone been catching smallmouth yet on the Chagrin? I've been catching a few steelhead still, but I'm trying to get some smallmouth if their in
  13. Massie creek

    Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    HI. I am wondering if anyone has had any luck on massies creek around peterson park. i am trying to find new streams and rivers to fish around my area. Just wondering if its worth a shot or not! thanks.
  14. New to ohio.

    Fish on the Fly
    I am new to Ohio and looking for some good creeks and streams to fly fish for smallmouth in southern Ohio. Closest lake to me is lake vesuvius. Any places you suggest?
  15. I need Little and Great Miami Fishing tips.

    The Lounge
    Hey everyone, I have very limited experience river fishing so I need some advice and tips. Even with the weather being this cold I am itching to fish too bad and I want to get out on the river, either little or great Miami, but the little Miami is much closer. I'll be targeting smallmouth and...
  16. Fished till it hurt

    Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    Yep, after waiting most of the Spring to get the Yak on the river a friend of mine and I made up for lost time fishing for close to 12 hours, not as a endurance thing but because the bite was unreal. Not sure if anyone has tried the Neds rig by Zman but I am now a believer, We used California...
  17. Good Bass Spot for Kayak Fishing

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    I live on the west side of cleveland (about 20 mins west) and was looking for some good places to kayak fish (i just got one a few weeks ago) for mainly largemouth, but wouldn't mind getting some SM or larger panfish. I have been to mogadore reservoir the past 2 weekends (friday morning then...
  18. Bass Near Lakewood

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hi there, I recently moved up to Lakewood from Canton. I used to fish for bass in a number of local ponds, portage lakes, mogadore, berlin, and salt fork. It seems many people up here fish for trout, steelhead, and walleye. I was hoping to find some good spots within an hour drive to do some...
  19. Topwater Smallmouth are HERE!

    Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Tackleboys reporting in! Searched a local central Ohio creek for topwater bass and it didn't disappoint! 3 bass between 15-17 inches and plenty of small fries. Can you help us identify the mystery bass? I think it's a spotted bass, but it looked a little strange to me! As always, thanks for...
  20. PA water smallmouth.

    Bass Discussions
    Im looking to get into Lake Erie smallmouth fishing this year. I've tried a few times over the last couple of years and can't seem to get into them. I would greatly appreciate a few tips for catching them in PA waters. Things like water temp, depth, bottom content, etc. thanks in advance for...