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  1. PB smallie

    Personal best smallie outta my favorite creek. Caught on a white strike king rocket shad spinner.
  2. 04-29-07_1814

    big small mouth creek fishing
  3. lake eire small smallie

    lake erie smallie
  4. big smallie

    huge smallie
  5. dad smallie

    can dad smallie
  6. GMR Smallie 3-31-07

    18" Smallie caught on GMR 3-31-07 on Rebel Crawdad. Was targeting Saugeye, so this was a nice bonus fish!
  7. Stillwater Hole

    Nice hole on the Stillwater River. Usually produces a few decent sized smallies.
  8. pig smallie

    big smallie
  9. Big D Stud

    stream smallies after dark. TOUGH to beat!
1-10 of 10 Results