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    Only used it a couple of times. Never really got into it
    $1 USD
  2. Fishing Reports - Out of State
    Sept 1st I headed to the lake around 13:15. I did stop at my local mom & pop bait shop for a dozen night crawlers. Lines in the water around 13:45 at the deeper part of the lake, I had 2 rods, one for bluegill and one for catfish. I tried 3 different spots at that part of the lake. 14:40 No...
  3. Fishing Reports - Out of State
    November the 25th. It was a bright sunny day so I decided to wet a line. A person told me about catching fish at a local Kentucky lake with wax worms this past weekend. That lake is where I went; I stopped for the wax worms at the store the person suggested. I checked out their bait, all the...
  4. Fishing Reports - Out of State
    This week the weather warmed up so I was able to check out my boat motor. I charged up the batteries one day, then my grandson came down to help fire up the motor. Put the gas tank back in the boat then attached the rabbit ears. The Staybilt did work for after a number of priming the gas the...
  5. Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    This past Sunday my son and grandson invited me to go bluegill fish at a small lake they had fished in the past. My grandson had hooked a big carp that broke his line and wanted to try to catch it again. It was a warm but windy afternoon that made watching a small bobber harder than usual...
1-5 of 5 Results