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  1. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    anyone caught any crappie in portage county waters yet this year?
  2. More Slabs! Deer Creek

    Slabs from Deer Creek
  3. Slabs, not one under 10" 4-24-08 Deer Creek

    Crappies, slabs, Deer Creek, '08
  4. Kiss My Bass

    Nice Sized Creek Smallmouth
  5. Nice Smallie

    Smallie from the creek
  6. Slab crappie from the creek

    White Crappie from the creek
  7. Just me baiting my daughter's pole

    Slabs! baiting daughter's pole with a mealworm
  8. Saugeyes for sore eyes

    First catch of '07, Good Day, avg. 15in.
  9. White Bass 06, Deer Creek

    Mine and a friend's 2hr. Catch at Deer Creek one evening in '06.
  10. I Caught a WHALE!

    Lure almost as big as the fish, LOL
  11. 9" Rock Bass, Big as my hand

    Rock Bass as big as my hand
1-17 of 17 Results