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  1. SWOCC weigh in 7-11

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    July 11th I went to a local catfishing weigh in of two local clubs. They had the best day of decent temperatures for fishing this month. The big complaint was about all the pleasure boat on that part of the river, and dealing with a strong up river wind. I was surprised by the number of fish...
  2. At least 1 catfish this trip

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    September 18th. I picked up my brother from the nursing home around 08:00 to head for the Ohio River. We got our lines in the river around 08:50. The river was clear with a slow current, and a slight ripple on the water. At 08:55 I got a slight tap on one of my rods that was baited with a...
  3. Some action for a change!!

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    August 31st. I picked up my brother around 08:00 and drove to our fishing spot. Since his health condition limits his walking we have access to a dock for fishing. We got our lines in the river at 08:45; river was down, clear and a light current. A friend gave us a bunch of 5-7 inch...
  4. Creek chub questions

    Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    Does anyone catch creek chubs around Cincinnati during the winter? Do they start showing up in? If so then I can try to load up my bait freezer. Thanks in advance for the information. Tight lines to all. Norb http://cincinnaticatfishing.com
  5. Problem at Aberdeen power plant!

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    I just learned there was an explosion at Aberdeen power Plant Jan.10th. The plant is NOW SHUT DOWN. So fishing for Skipjacks in the hot water discharge is DONE UNTIL that plant is generating power again. Right now the company has NO idea when that might be! I had thought about going up there...
  6. Not a very good year.

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    I just finished up a brief overview of this past year's catfishing experiences. Here is a summary of MY 2016 catfishing season. The first time out was May 27th, the last trip was November 18th. I went on 25 combined bank and boat trips. I had a grand total of 14 catfish and my grandson boated...
  7. A good boat trip

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    I had a good trip on the river today. Boated 3 bluecats, 4 ¾ , 5 ½, and the big guy 17 ½ pounds. I had fresh shad and frozen skipjacks cut bait. They only produced 2 gar runs on the shad and 1 hard bite on a suspend rod. ALL the fish I caught were on seasoned chicken breast. 1 on...
  8. High water messing river up again!

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    Looks like with river going up to around 35 ft. I won't be able to go for catfish for some time. I am not sure if the Skipjacks will be showing up along the river anywhere either. Just seems that whenever the river gets almost settled down the rains comes and fishing suffers. Hopefully I...
  9. No luck again for Skipjacks!

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    This past Monday evening I talked with a contact of mine about Skipjacks. He informed me of a location where he caught 5 skipjacks in 5 cast, each around 2 pounds! The next morning I got my gear together and headed for the spot he told me about. I tried several different lure set ups, sabiki...
  10. A gift of frozen bait

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    A friend offered me some frozen bait today. He was getting things cleared away for getting some new bait very soon. So now my brother & I have around a dozen nice size Shad and one decent size Skipjack. That will at least give us something to start with. Hopefully I will be getting some...
  11. Skipjacks just were NOT there!

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    February 2nd. Well I tried to catch some skipjacks for catfish bait this morning. After one hour’s drive I got to the place and had it all to myself. The weather was o.k. but the cool wind as stronger than I expected. I did cast my arm off for an hour, trying different jigs to catch the...
  12. Meldahal plant

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    I heard from a friend the was fishing up there over the weekend that the generator they were test had a bearing problem. they shut it down , now awaiting replacement from Germany. There was NO CURRENT at all with it shut down. Not sure if the skipjacks have move in should be easier...
  13. Packing it in for this year

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    I went on 2 more catfishing trips last week. My brother and I bank fished a new spot last Saturday. The results were the same as past trips. 2 light taps in 3 hours! We had 4 poles out, Skipjack shad and chicken liver as our bait. The 16th. I went out in my boat this time, I never even got...