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  1. Steelhead Talk
    I have gone to the dark side and swing flies all year round. I usually purchase flies at local fly shops, but the distance to get there has become enough to look toward the Internet. Where can you suggest online to buy swing flies... What size or patterns are you all using in steelhead...
  2. Fish on the Fly
    So here is my set up from reel to tip: Backer Slick Shooter mono SA floating compact skagit head 4 inch 25lb mono to effect a double loop connection MOW sinking tip LOOPED HERE IS MY ISSUE 16 inch to 24 inch 12 lb mono leader ( one loop other end tied with a slat water loop to fly) I keep...
  3. Fish on the Fly
    Looking to learn the art of two handed spey casting with a skagit line. I hear a short lesson, several hours, can take years off the learning curve. Anyone have a local that they can recommend for instruction/guiding. I live west of Cleveland directly between the Rocky and Vermillion. Thanks!
1-3 of 3 Results