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  1. Formerly known as eyesman_01 from Indiana...

    Lake Erie General Discussions
    Just wanting to say HEY to all my old OGF friends... Moved to TN a few years ago and missing the spring jig bite. With any luck, I'm planning to be up there this year. Any old friends around? Het, Shortdrift, Pigsticker, Snag, so many to list???? What's the latest jig of choice? How have the...
  2. Lorain 8-5-18

    Lake Erie Fishing Reports
    Tom and John went out, yesterday 7 to 11 am, with me. We all started with harnesses then after Tom pulled at nice one (25”) with a gold bandit right off, we all went with bandits. Two limits on cranks at 1.3 to 1.8 mph, Trolled south to north east of dump. Using 3 oz. bottom bouncers or clip...
  3. Lorain 12-2-17 Steelhead

    Steelhead Talk
    Nice 28-3/4" Steelhead caught by Tom (walleye4803) while trolling off Lorain east of dumping grounds in 51' fow with Bandit 57' behind inline plainer board, speed was 1.5 mph.
  4. Huron 9/15

    Lake Erie Fishing Reports
    We perch fished with golden shiners (and frozen emerald shiners) all morning, Friday for four hours and only picked up only one perch. We fished several spots and ended up 3 miles north and east of Kellys Island 17.7 miles from ramp. Nice day for a hunt! So we finally gave up perching, and...
  5. Lorain Monday 6-19, can we find somewhere with less walleye?

    Lake Erie Fishing Reports
    Constant action was the theme of the day! Started and fished north & west of Lorain from 34' to 52', from condos & ending past dump. Jeff my Michigan buddy said after the first hour of cranking in (50) shorts for 1 keeper, can we find somewhere with less walleye? So we pulled up and move out...
  6. Lorain 6-13 Report

    Lake Erie Fishing Reports
    Fished out of Lorain on Tuesday 6-13-17, picked up a three man limit (18) walleye 15" to 22" in 4 hours all on crawler harnesses, with two of my fishing buddies from Michigan. Fished in 39' to 52' of water, over and around Dumping grounds, 1.2 to 1.7 mph. Most fish came from 30' to 20' of...
  7. Week on Kelleys Island 5/17 thru 5/24

    Lake Erie Fishing Reports
    My brother Ray, nephew Tyler, and I spent the week walleye fishing around Kellys Island along with several old friends. In 7 days of fishing we picked up 92 keeper walleye in my boat, over 200 shorts, including 7 fish Ohio walleye (+28"). All fish were caught on crawler harnesses. Now we did...
  8. Brest Bay Michigan Waters, 5-10

    Lake Erie Fishing Reports
    Fished with Michigan buddy and two sons out of Sterling State Park Ramp on 5-10-17, picked up 7 keeper walleye in 23' to 16' of water, the boys had a blast. Lilacs are blooming and the white bass are spawning, caught a dozen WB. Used bandits tipped with crawlers on back hook and harnesses...
  9. Kellys Island 4/8 & 4/9

    Lake Erie Fishing Reports
    Well were going to do the Detroit River this weekend but the reports of mud and cold weather were horrific with the MWC tournament weight-in for Saturday's leader only catching 1 walleye (11 lb) and half of the pros getting skunked Saturday, on river at Trenton Michigan. So instead we decided...
  10. Mazurik 4/2/17

    Lake Erie Fishing Reports
    Fished for walleye from 9 to 3 Sunday out of Mazurik and went 6 for 8 pull-backs, finally modest success! Started in South Passage Channel were we found some clean / green water (+3-1/2' visibility well below bottom of prop). Noticed, good marks in 27' of water just 1 mile NE of Mazurik Boat...
  11. Kellys Island 3/27

    Lake Erie Fishing Reports
    Fished for walleye from 9 to 5 Monday out of Mazurik and went 0 for 3 pull-backs again! Started in South Passage Channel were we found some green water (2' visibility). Again, good marks, but fish were light-biting us! Wind was SW at 6 mph all day, very fishable. All three pull-backs...
  12. Huron 3/25

    Lake Erie Fishing Reports
    Well we found some green water (2' visibility) today and went 0 for 3 pull-backs. We were out by the Huron dump, no walleye again!!! Dredging barge paid us a visit and dumped a load while we were on the dumping grounds. Again, good marks, but fish were light-biting us! Wind was SW at 6 mph...
  13. Huron 3/21

    Lake Erie Fishing Reports
    First off I got skunked, but maybe you can learn something from my report. Water temps 35- 36 degrees. Low winds 6 mph out of NW, nice day to fish! Only four boat trailers this morning at Huron ramp launched and started fishing about 9:30, northeast of harbor in 32' of water, lots of great...
  14. Lorain Perch 11/7

    Lake Erie Fishing Reports
    Walleye4308 and I picked up 36 perch mostly on the SW corner of dumping ground, used emerald shiners seined from Rocky River. Traveled, marked, and fished in harbor, west 1/4 mile and then to the dump, couldn't get them to go anywhere but the dump!
  15. Vermilion Perch 10/11/16

    Lake Erie Fishing Reports
    Shortdirft and myself got out real early yesterday, on water at sunrise to fish for 5 hours till 11:45 am (It would have been earlier but I left the Lowrance running and put the cover on it without checking to see it was off last Friday, battery dead, good reason carry the spare battery so it...
  16. Vermilion Perch 10/7

    Lake Erie Fishing Reports
    Perch fished 8 hours with two buddies from Michigan, took them east to many good spots, nice marks, east of Vermilion harbor in site of condos, ended with one limit, 30, most of them were caught between 9 and 12 noon in 25' to 28' of water. Seemed that when the south wind died down, so did the...