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  1. Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Anyone have any tips on where I can get on some crappie or saugeyes from the shore? Or any species for that matter... I don’t have a boat so I’ve been fishing dinky ponds around Union and Delaware county as well as wading the Scioto, but I would like to change up species a bit. It just seems...
  2. Lake Erie General Discussions
    For those who fish the western basin islands, I am wondering if casting from shore is productive? I know those fall walleyes are coming in close to feed on the shad but not sure the patterns or movements around the islands compared to main land. Is it possible to catch walleye from shore on the...
  3. Bass Discussions
    I go to school at the university of toledo and Im wondering if there is any decent bass fishing in the toledo and surrounding area?
  4. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hi everyone, I'm new here but this seems to be the kind of place for this question. In case you don't feel like reading a lot, my question is : Does anyone have tips to give about muskie fishing from the shorelines of Leesville lake (Spots, baits, best times to fish, etc.)? I have looked...
  5. The Lounge
    Any suggestions for Shore fishing in or around Vermilion? Looking to take the kids fishing, but I do not have a boat....yet.
  6. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Does anyone know of any good spots for dropping some lines at Atwood lake? I'm used to taking my boat and trolling around the points but i'm getting some work done on it. Also wondering what's hitting, I've been hearing about cold water temps!
  7. Pond Management
    Shoreline weed control whats the best and safest control agent for this problem.i have a lake and i am tired of fighting this yearly.i do not want to hurt the fish or frogs. Any help would be appreciated .thanks
1-7 of 7 Results