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sea nymph

  1. 14' Sea Nymph with 2004 Johnson 9.9 hp outboard & trailer - $1950

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    ~ ~ ~ SOLD ~ ~ ~ The boat and engine are in excellent condition. This is the perfect rig for fishing 10hp restricted lakes in Ohio! I clocked the boat at 20.9 MPH on GPS. The outboard starts, runs, idles, and shifts just like it was new. The prop and skeg are in excellent...
  2. WTB: Flip up seat

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    I am looking for a flip up seat for my boat. A generic, nice thick cushion seat would be good, a sea nymph branded seat would be awesome! The type I need is the one where the seat goes on and off at the top of the pole, and the pole is permanently attached on the ground. Thought I'd check on...
  3. 16 1/2' 2004 Lowe Sea Nymph

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