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  1. Tackle Talk
    Hey guys, I'm new to using jerkbaits for saugeye. I've had some success using the smithwick pro rogue but one of the barbs broke off when I was unhooking a fish. I replaced it with a size 6 original mustad treble but it looks like the action has changed and I haven't gotten any bites on it...
  2. Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Went to Leesville today. Only second time ever fishing it. Tried bottom bouncers rigged with worm harnesses, cranks, jig head and chub, little cleo spoon; couldn't get a bite. Maybe we weren't deep enough or maybe we weren't where the fish were. Maybe our trolling speed wasn't right or the...
  3. Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Checking conditions on any action on Crappies and Saugeyes and what area for a disabled veteran to fish that can wade close to the bank or just from the bank.
1-3 of 3 Results