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rocky river

  1. What to fish for in the rocky river this time of year?

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hi, new to fishing the rocky river and I was wondering what to fish for this time of year and tips on how to do it, thanks!
  2. Heading to Rocky River

    Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Me and my buddy are heading to Rocky River to try and land a steelhead. Never fished for them before. Looking for any tips!
  3. Rocky river fishing 2/5?

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hello is anyone planning on fishing the rocky tomorrow? We drove from west of Toledo Friday and fished the chagrin all day today and two weeks ago we fished 15 hrs in Michigan. We still have yet to catch a steelhead. We flat out just have no clue what we are doing. We have the basics down but...
  4. Steelhead this weekend

    Steelhead Talk
    Planning a trip this coming weekend I know there is some rain in the forecast but I'm crossing my fingers. Planning on the rocky, chagrin, big creek I think and one other.... if I'm saying those correctly. Talked to orvis shot last night and honestly I was baffled by the response on my...
  5. New to steelhead fishing

    Steelhead Talk
    I live in Massillon and want to get into some steelhead fishing. I'm going to start with spinning gear, but want to get into flyfishing for them and have done some flyfishing for panfish, but not much. I have a few questions if anybody can answer them. For a spinning outfit, what pound test and...