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  1. Mahoning/Milton

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Buddy and I have been planning a weekend to head up to Milton and stay on the boat all night and day and really work the Lake/Mahoning and find some cats. Hoping to come across some nice channels and maybe even flathead if we’re lucky. Just curious is anyone has any good fish stories or any good...
  2. Still Water Kayaking

    Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hello, I was wondering if anyone had any experience kayaking on the still water river. I was thinking about putting my kayak in the water in Englewood. The concern I had was I am not sure what the current is like on the river. I have a fairly slow fishing kayak and am normally by myself. How...
  3. Scioto River Question

    Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hello everybody, I have waded many local flows around Columbus and have kayaked the Scioto a few times in parts that seemed too deep to wade in, but now I am wondering if there are any stretches of the Scioto river around Columbus that are safe/possible to wade in. If anybody could recommend...
  4. Lake Erie Tributary Smallmouth Fishing

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hey guys, I have been hitting the smallies in the Rocky River pretty hard the past few weeks and catching some real bruisers. I know a lot of these fish must be lake runners (Steelhead out, smallmouth in) because of there size. I have a couple questions I am hoping someone can help me with. 1...
  5. New to Ohio

    Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    As the title reads, I'm new to Ohio and looking for some tips on freshwater fishing. Im experienced on saltwater fishing, deep sea fishing; and was wondering what types of lures/baits to use, spots to fish near Ohio State campus, and any other useful tips. I'm primarily interested in fishing...
  6. River is going back UP!

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    I saw the forecast for Cincinnati, up to 37 ft. That is not figuring in rain on and off for the next couple of weeks. Odds are it will be back to 40 ft or more again. So forget the river till mid April.
  7. IMG_4600


    Caught using: Brown Swimbait
  8. IMG_4599


    Caught this one shortly after the second one on the same brown swim jig.
  9. IMG_4598


    Last fish caught using the same brown swim jig. Overall, very productive day!
  10. Scioto River Fishing !!!!!

    Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Anybody ever fish the scioto river under the frank road bridge. I always ride past it on 104 but always wanted to know if its a "hot spot" . Any luck anybody???
  11. first BIG blue cat in YEARS!

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    September 2nd. I went catfishing from the bank with my brother this morning. We had a total of four rods in the water at 08:00. It was sunny yet cool due to the strong breeze and river was colored. I was watching my rods when one of them got hammered! Thank goodness I had it tied down or...
  12. river too high to fish so worked on web pages

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    Since the river is up so high and it looks like it will stay high I figured it was a good time to update my catfishing web pages. I just finished updating my catfishing web page. I took all the 2015 trip update and made another web page for that information I have link to the new page on my...
  13. Starting to get ready for catfishing.

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    I did this part of my getting ready for the upcoming catfishing season. Here is a photo of how I got my rod tips painted so they show even the lightest of bites. I also did put new line on the 3 reels that go with these rods. In March I will be getting my license and work at getting my boat...
  14. new Dayton River Run attraction geared toward kayakers

    Canoes & Kayaks
    The key was removing the old low dam. Soon the area will be navigable from Eastwood Lake through downtown and to the Carillon Brewery.(All old fashioned beer making - no electricity) and they will be creating a stretch of whitewater rapids too. More >...
  15. bluecat1


    Here is my 8.3 pound blue cat that hit the skipjack fillet this morning. My digital scale broke so the reading was off a spring type scale. It was 28 inches long.
  16. Ohio River

    Ohio River

  17. OR White Bass

    OR White Bass

    Weird "pose", but decent fish
  18. Ohio River White Bass

    Ohio River White Bass

  19. my flathead of the evening

    my flathead of the evening

    I caught this one about 20 mins before the monster. Not a bad fish at all but not even close to the big boy.
  20. 47.5 lbs flathead out of ohio river

    47.5 lbs flathead out of ohio river

    I picked this pole up and hooked into this tank and my girlfriend had never caught a big cat so i gave her the pole. BIG mistake. I handed over what would have been the biggest one I have caught. But she had a great time and we made a life long memory from that night. So its ok