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    Hey everyone, I have very limited experience river fishing so I need some advice and tips. Even with the weather being this cold I am itching to fish too bad and I want to get out on the river, either little or great Miami, but the little Miami is much closer. I'll be targeting smallmouth and...
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    Caught using: Brown Swimbait
  4. IMG_4598


    Last fish caught using the same brown swim jig. Overall, very productive day!
  5. IMG_4624


    Another Carp pulled out 10 minutes after the first one. This one was 7 pounds and 23" in length!
  6. Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    We put together a little fishing vlog for our trip to the Mad on March 5th. Overall, great day! Caught 2 suckers, a bunch of creek chubs and 6 brown trout (used spinning gear). Let us know what you think :)