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  1. Our (pathetic) catch...lol

    Oh my gosh were these fish tiny! Especially that one smallmouth that Mike is holding...That thing looked like it was on a starvation diet!!!! I shouldn't complain...at least we had fish to weigh in :-)
  2. Teasing Mike....

    Yeah...I was giving Mike grief at the weigh-in about how he DIDN'T come running to my aid when I had one whopper of a rockbass on the end of my line...lol I mean heck...that could have been a big bass!!!!! I sure was right there with the net when he had a fish on!!!! ;-) I'll let it slide this time.
  3. Signing Booyah Jr.'s hat at Raystown :-)

    Phew...thank god I drew his number in the raffle! lol
1-9 of 9 Results