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  1. Lake Erie Fishing Reports
    We perch fished with golden shiners (and frozen emerald shiners) all morning, Friday for four hours and only picked up only one perch. We fished several spots and ended up 3 miles north and east of Kellys Island 17.7 miles from ramp. Nice day for a hunt! So we finally gave up perching, and...
  2. Lake Erie Fishing Reports
    Perch fished off Vermilion on Thursday 9/22 in 28' of water, picked up 35 yellow perch, two were + 13", most of the rest were 9" thru 11". Took the two of us (Powrguy & I) 8 hours of slow bite to get them, had to drop the weight to bottom and leave it there with nearly slack line and feel the...
  3. Lake Erie Fishing Reports
    We fished for perch out of Vermiliion, off condos, Friday 9/16 for 6 hours and picked up 25 in a very slow bite.. Most fish 9" thru 11" and one jumbo 12". If you had the patience Powerguy and I could have had a limit, NE wind kicker in at noon and by 3 pm were in steady 2 to 3 foor seas. Used...
1-3 of 3 Results