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  1. Western Basin Gold

    Lake Erie Fishing Reports
    Going out in the morning with wife and daughter. I have heard CP cause way was hot, but that's a haul for me, heard by ballast island it was slow but steady, and heard that by firing range of camp Perry did okay as well. Anybody got any other suggestions for someone leaving out of the portage...
  2. Marysville Reservoir any good?

    Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    I’ve fished it briefly 3 times so far this year and been skunked. Caught a few dinks last year, but I would imagine there should be quite a few good size perch by now? I’ve hardly seen any fish out of there this year, I don’t know if it’s just a poor location or I need a boat or what. It’s hard...
  3. Catawba pier fishing

    Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    I would like to try some pier fishing this spring off of Catawba, would like to get some yellow perch, but wondering what other fish will also be biting off the pier? walleye, bass? I would probably use 3 way rig for perch, what would be best for walleye or bass this time of year off the pier...
  4. Too cold to float!?

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    I told my wife I was planning on fishing mosquito this weekend and next then she called me “crazy” and said “I have a serious addiction” - jokingly of course. Anybody else out there float until the ice wins??
  5. Night Time Perch?

    Lake Erie Fishing Reports
    I know most people fish perch during the day but has anyone tried night perching? I got up to the lake late last Friday and the thought of trying crossed my mind. Wasn’t sure if the perch do not feed at night. Thanks for any insight.
  6. MID-Ohio Walleye Club meeting Thursday

    Outdoor Events & Seminars
    February’s Mid-Ohio Walleye Club meeting this Thursday (2/14/19) at 7 PM at Gorman Nature Center near Mansfield. Mark Dufor, who is a Fisheries Biologist with the ODNR, will be our guest presenter at this Thursday's MOWC meeting. Mark plans to present data from this past years Lake Erie walleye...
  7. Frabill Magnum Ice Shanty

    OGF Marketplace
    Selling a Frabill Magnum, 2-3 man Ice shanty. Canvas is in excellent shape , seats are boat type, very comfy for a long sit. Has a pull hitch that's homemade but works just fine and a cover. Has hyfax on the bottom runners however, 1 spot has drooped over hyfax and wore a small slit. I have a...
  8. Atwood Ice

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    I've been fishing at lake mohawk and we've been able to get on them through the ice, is there any good places at atwood that produces fish. Thank youuu
  9. Western OH ice fishing

    Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hello All, I live near Cleveland area and want to meet a buddy who lives in MI near Detroit to do some ice fishing this year when the ice is ready. We used to fish Lake St. Clair for perch years ago when I lived up there. We are looking to find a few meeting spots in between us in NW Ohio or...
  10. Lorain Perch, nothing but jumbo's Saturday 11-4-17

    Lake Erie Fishing Reports
    Fish Commish and I went out for Perch on 11-4-17. Launched out of Hot Waters. A bit rough on the lake as the 1-2 ft's were more like 3-4's! Location was 34 fow off St Anthony's. Total was 26 Perch, 2 walleyes and some assorted other species. Needed at least 1 oz to keep it on the bottom and...
  11. Perch fishing with salted emerald shiners

    Lake Erie Fishing Reports
    I have been watching you tube videos on salting/freezing shiners. Looks like a good way to preserve your left over bait. However, I can't find any video on using these shiners. Do they work on lake Erie yellow perch?
  12. Tite Loc Tripples

    OGF Marketplace
    Selling a set of Tite Loc Tripple Rodholders. Comes on a mounting bar with 2 sets of mounting plates, in case you have 2 different locations. Rodholders are in great shape. Asking 225.00 for the pair. paypal or cash, shipping extra. Located in Bucyrus. Tite Loc Tripples by FISHIN 2 posted Sep...
  13. Mosquito Report

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Lookkng to go out this weekend on Mosquito. Anyone having luck with perch or walleye?
  14. Tappan camping

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    I'm going to camp this weekend at Tappan and I was wanting to eat some fish out of the lake. Does anyone know of fish to eat that are biting now. Also possibly what they are biting on?
  15. rookie

    Lake Erie Fishing Reports
    I'm a rookie launching from 72nd steeet. Trying to pull some perch this morning. this my first trip out as an adult on my own boat. Getting back into fishing in over 10 years. taking worm harnesses to troll breakwall also hoping to get some eyes also.. any suggestions on lures/bait or locations?
  16. Trade Turkey hunting for Lake Erie fishing

    OGF Marketplace
    I have the boat, completely rigged for trolling or drifting for walleye or perch. You have the expertise to find and call turkeys. Call me ASAP 330-414-7125 (actually best to txt). Who knows we may become lifelong hunting and fishing buddies. Thanks Al
  17. Cleveland 11-13-16 Perch Palooza Limit

    Lake Erie Fishing Reports
    Took out my Two neighbors Bill and Stan for a shot at some Late Fall Perch Action! Put in at 72nd and it started searching! Waves were 2-4s subsiding to 1-3s! Was really worried the perch were still out in deep water like they had been over a week with all the Bad weather! Figured I'd just idle...
  18. Does anyone have fishing report for Huron Lighthouse ?

    Lake Erie General Discussions
    I am heading up to the Huron Lighthouse this evening and was wondering if anyone has an updated fishing report. I was thinking about going up before dark to get a spot and try for some perch first. I heard a couple guys at work say they were using shiners on the bottom using a perch rig or...
  19. fish on ice question

    The Lounge
    So I have a couple dozen perch on ice (caught today). Can I wait until I am not so tired and clean them after work tomorrow without them being ruined?