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  1. Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Went out tonight to check the new carb on my boat before duck season starts and found a few of these yellow bellies. Kept 18 of 35+, all in 45 minutes. all 10 to 12 inches in 6 fow.
  2. Lake Erie Fishing Reports
    Hearing a lot from guys jigging up eyes, but wondering if there are any early season west end/island area perch reports? Thanks for sharing :):):)
  3. Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Went to Leesville today. Only second time ever fishing it. Tried bottom bouncers rigged with worm harnesses, cranks, jig head and chub, little cleo spoon; couldn't get a bite. Maybe we weren't deep enough or maybe we weren't where the fish were. Maybe our trolling speed wasn't right or the...
  4. Lake Erie Fishing Reports
    Still plenty of fish around the islands. What may help for some struggling is to not fish in the giant packs but using your fish finder to mark good fish and then setting on them patiently. I have noticed once a large pack starts forming in the area I am fishing the fishing begins to get worse...
  5. Lake Erie General Discussions
    Has anyone had any luck catching Perch yet Cleveland, Gold Coast or East but staying in Central basin.. I know perching has been slow but I've heard it has been picking up @ kelly's. Curious if anyone has had any luck or know of any nice spots, Hoping to go Wed, Thur and Fri!! Thanks
  6. IMG_0536

    Perch Charter Special! Perch fishing is heating up in Lake Erie and you don't want to miss out! Book your August 2017 charter today! Only $625.00 for up to 6 people, we supply all bait and tackle! Special ends August 31, 2017. Call 419 541 1197 or 419 499 4159 to book.
  7. Lake Erie General Discussions
    For those looking for a Lake Erie Fishing Charter Check out the website, Call Captain Jerod 419-541-0765 or email [email protected] to book your trip http://www.oldlakeshorecharters.com/
  8. Lake Erie Fishing Reports
    Went 3 miles out in front of the mansion east of the light house. 42-44 fow. Fish finder went bat $hit crazy! Fished from 7-9pm. Minnows and crappie rigs 2-3 feet off the bottom. 2 man limit in 2 hours. Lots of double headers and no dinky fish all good sized quality fish. Also had a few bonus...
  9. Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    Check out my YouTube Channel (Catfish Hunters) we love fishing for all and any species we can get our hands on but we like to mainly fish for catfish. We post videos weekly every Saturday. YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmddnnwcQnrTFWeQPJf9D8Q YouTube Channel Trailer...
1-9 of 9 Results