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  1. Panfish Discussions
    Does anyone do any good panfishing this early in the year? Never tried this early. Tips and tricks much appreciated.
  2. Tournament Discussion
    Hey Everybody! Our shop is under new ownership. One of our goals for 2019 is to start having regular tournaments. We are hosting our first tournament of 2019 this Saturday. Short notice but with the crazy weather lately it's been tough to plan. Where: LaDue Reservoir What: Panfish Weighing...
  3. Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hello All, I live near Cleveland area and want to meet a buddy who lives in MI near Detroit to do some ice fishing this year when the ice is ready. We used to fish Lake St. Clair for perch years ago when I lived up there. We are looking to find a few meeting spots in between us in NW Ohio or...
  4. Panfish Discussions
    Hey guys - We got some good feedback from the "To Nibble or Not To Nibble" post, so I want to start a new crappie related questionnaire. What is your plastic of choice? Your options are: 1. Tubes 2. Shad (Is this the right name?) 3. Twister tails 4. Swimbaits 5. Something else/Other (if you...
  5. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    I live on the west side of cleveland (about 20 mins west) and was looking for some good places to kayak fish (i just got one a few weeks ago) for mainly largemouth, but wouldn't mind getting some SM or larger panfish. I have been to mogadore reservoir the past 2 weekends (friday morning then...
  6. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hi guys, I recently bought a kayak and moved up to Cleveland. Upon seeing the fish report on ODNR and some forums, i have decided to drive out to either Clear Fork, Wellington Upground, or Findley Lake this weekend. Since they are over an hour away; i was hoping to have some luck going a bit...
1-7 of 7 Results