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  1. Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    I don't recall the Maumee River ever being as low as it was last weekend. I decided to take the drone up for a look at the Sidecut area of the river, Waterville, Wier Rapids, and Grand Rapids. Some cool stuff I hadn't seen before. I bet someone could have a field day down there picking up...
  2. Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    Here is a video from earlier last month from the Maumee River and Lake Erie. Some different water I hadn't spent time on before. Maumee River and Lake Erie Video Click Here
  3. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    We just got into bowfishing, and I live right next to Black River in Lorain. I know the metro parks don't want you to loose an arrow on park grounds, so what stretches of the river are legal to shoot fish? Don't have a boat, so if you have recommendations on where you can shoot from shore...
  4. The Lounge
    Just wanted to get people's opinions on the way they do the Ohio State Record FishProgram. I saw you have to freeze the catch for verification. This alone makes me not even want to attempt to get this award. If it's a big giant, I wouldn't want to kill it when it could be put back for another...
  5. Steelhead Talk
    How does your approach change when the rivers are low and clear?
  6. Steelhead Talk
    I typically float fish jig and maggot or spawn sacks, but I don't live near a bait shop and often find myself in a situation where I do not have enough sunlight left in the day to drive to one and hit the rivers. Anyone have luck on less than conventional baits I could pick up at a grocery...
  7. New OGF Members
    I live in far western midOhio. I have been fishing about 65 of my 70 years growing up across the street from a pond. I fish for catfish, Bluegill, crappie, and bass. I like using unusual baits to see what fish will bite on especially catfish. I don’t get out fishing much anymore because I can...
  8. Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hey everyone, I hope I’m in the right sub forum, but I’ve moved up to Columbus for college and have been itching to catch a musky for several years now. I have all the gear, and went on a trip to Alum last August, but didn’t find any luck. I’ve read on some websites that anywhere south of the...
  9. Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    This weekend I entered into the Cowan lake tournament for the Cincinnati kayak fishing trail and placed 4th out of 39 anglers and qualified for the kayak bass fishing a rip al championship ship! I have a 2nd place finish and a 4th place finish in the first 2 events so far this year. Fishing was...
  10. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Okay. I just seen another report on a Ohio lake that has some clear water. I thought Mosquito Creek was the only one that fell in that category. It appears Mogadore Lake has that characteristic, and it also has some big bass! I may have to try it this fall. Anyone have some words of...
  11. Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Has anyone been catching anything at buckeye lake recently from the bank ? If so which part of the lake . Would love to catch some saugeye . Thanks !!!!
  12. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Does anyone know of any good spots for dropping some lines at Atwood lake? I'm used to taking my boat and trolling around the points but i'm getting some work done on it. Also wondering what's hitting, I've been hearing about cold water temps!
  13. Tournament Discussion
    2016 Schedule Fish 6 Dates To Qualify For The Classic Sun, April 3 - Alum Creek Lake (Ice Out Open) Sat, April 16 - Rocky Fork Lake Sun, May 1 - Deer Creek Lake *Sat, May 14 - Hoover Reservoir (Youth/Adult Open)* Sun, May 22 - Delaware Lake Sat, June 11 - O'Shaughnessy Reservoir Sat, July 16...
  14. New OGF Members
    Hi, Im Patrick Please go and check out my youtube channel! I will be posting new videos every single week! Here are a few enjoy!
  15. bluecat1

    Here is my 8.3 pound blue cat that hit the skipjack fillet this morning. My digital scale broke so the reading was off a spring type scale. It was 28 inches long.
  16. OR White Bass

    Weird "pose", but decent fish
  17. my flathead of the evening

    I caught this one about 20 mins before the monster. Not a bad fish at all but not even close to the big boy.
  18. 47.5 lbs flathead out of ohio river

    I picked this pole up and hooked into this tank and my girlfriend had never caught a big cat so i gave her the pole. BIG mistake. I handed over what would have been the biggest one I have caught. But she had a great time and we made a life long memory from that night. So its ok
1-20 of 21 Results