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  1. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    I really have put my all into catching my first muckie this year. There's been many days into nights without sleep and just keep going and still have came up empty. Are there anyone out there willing to help me get me first one plz. Just no live bait just lures. If I don't have it I will buy it...
  2. Lake Erie General Discussions
    I have been fishing fairport for the last 3 weeks every night after work for two hrs. And not even one hit... I have used many colors and tried many techniques. Even went with a jig on bottom today and nothing... anyone know where the fish FROM SHORE could have some action...
  3. Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Read a couple of places yesterday that there are Northerns in Alum Creek and can be caught in some of the same spots as musky? Never heard that before. Anyone have any info. on Northerns in Alum Creek, size they run to and good locations? Thx
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  7. Pike

    Shot of me holding my 16lb 2oz pike hours after it was caught. I was going to release it, but my uncles convinced me to mount just this one fish.
1-7 of 7 Results