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  1. Mosquito lake bluegills

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Friday and Saturday I went out just to have some fun with the pan fish. I quickly realized they was going to be a fight. I tried at the causeway both sides of the road and east & west of it and s couple more little pl. Ended up with a handful of small ones using worms 2 to 3 feet down. Where did...
  2. Mosquito flatheads

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    I decided to try something different yesterday and went to mosquito. Ended up with 3 channels that totally would have been close to 40 to 45 lbs. Alot of fish was hitting topwater seen some pike even. Would like to find out how the flathead move around in that lake. Plz plz don't put pin point...
  3. Muskie rods & reel

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    I'm after another rod and reel. Been looking at the gloomis muskie xh rod. Has anyone used them? I have the Daiwa Lexa 400 reel already and have had no complaints out of it what so ever. But looking for something different. I know lewis has one but low line cap is the draw back to me with it...
  4. flat bottom john boat

    OGF Marketplace
    I have a ten foot flat bottom for sale. Just the boat I want 250 for it or trade.. The boat fish finder battery lights inside light side lights rod holders and trolling mottor 600. Everything is pretty much new or is new. I just ended up buying another one. I will do partially trades on a small...
  5. Muskie lures

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    make reusable offers
  6. 10 foot john boat

    Boats and Motors
    I have a 10 foot flat boat john boat for sale. I have light sanded it resealed it all painted it and put front and back seats in it and up on the buyer ran all wires in small pvc. The full setup if you want it is trolling motor fish finder inside lights two spot lights 3 rod holders paddles...
  7. Another day at W/B

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    no muskie today. Tired everything i could think of and what you guy gave me advice about. But I did end up with 2 crappie 4 largemouth 9 whitebass and flat laid into the walleyes. Im at the point of. I dont even know how to put it. Any advice
  8. Identify a lure

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    my uncle is looking for a lure that he used when he was in the air force and haven't been able to find since. He is 62 now so a few well many years ago. He doesn't know who its made by just what it looks like. He said it looks like the reble minnow but without the lip in the bass color. If...
  9. Muskie fishing

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    I really have put my all into catching my first muckie this year. There's been many days into nights without sleep and just keep going and still have came up empty. Are there anyone out there willing to help me get me first one plz. Just no live bait just lures. If I don't have it I will buy it...
  10. Northern pike

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Trying to see if the northern are moving much yet? This is going to be my first year after them and have never caught one.. But really want to.. so any info would be very much appreciated
  11. Cuyahoga & tuscarawas rivers

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Anyone know how the rivers are looking so far??Planning on a trip this Sunday to do some fishing
  12. Winter pike

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    I'm looking for any information on pike fishing locations this time of year. I'm going to be fishing from shore.. I'm from the Cleveland area. I have been at it for awhile now and havent had the first hit.. I am guessing wrong place or wrong lures.. any advice would be a blessing
  13. Looking for walleye

    Lake Erie General Discussions
    I have been fishing fairport for the last 3 weeks every night after work for two hrs. And not even one hit... I have used many colors and tried many techniques. Even went with a jig on bottom today and nothing... anyone know where the fish FROM SHORE could have some action...
  14. Pike

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    I'm wanting to go to the tusc to do some pike fishing.. but have no clue on where to start.. could anyone give any places to start and even what to use.. I havent ever caught one but really want to
  15. East or west branch

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Anyone know how the muskie or northern has been bitting? West branch around the camp grounds or dam? And east branch around the south side or mid westside of the lake
  16. Mahoning/Milton

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Buddy and I have been planning a weekend to head up to Milton and stay on the boat all night and day and really work the Lake/Mahoning and find some cats. Hoping to come across some nice channels and maybe even flathead if we’re lucky. Just curious is anyone has any good fish stories or any good...
  17. Fly Fishing Around Kent

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hey everyone, I've been fly fishing smaller ponds around summit and portage but i was wondering if anyone had any places to go for a fly fishermen to get some nice bass, crappie, pike, or carp. I want to try the Cuyahoga but idk where to go. Also want to try Mogadore but haven't seen much about...