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  1. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    I was blessed with a couple of eyes and some large Crappie last two nights. Big eye was 26+ around 7-8lbs. Other eye was 22. Caught on 4inch live shad. The big crappie eat them too! Got a couple of 14 inchers and a 15.No real quantity to the Crappie bite since using shad. If interested in more...
  2. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    The last four nights have been a blast. Seems I’m the only one out at night. It’s a shame because many fish to go around.got these in 1 hour. 12:30am -1:30am. Big one close to my PB. All on jumbo minnows and tiny bluegill caught w cast net. Put back many paper thin 10”-12”. This rain should help...
  3. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Number 8 from the res. 26” Caught on live bluegill off bridge by Eddies. Ultra lite 8lb test. Was a real fun fight. Could’ve lost him at any second. 4:15 am. Catch and release starting with this one and from now on. I want to leave a couple for us to catch again!!! Bait and small crappie...
  4. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Got me another. Caught by Eddies on live shad. 22in
  5. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    The bass massacre has come to an end. Due to lower numbers of shad hanging around the culvert.Decided to take some shad down to the spot where I have caught walleye before and low and behold 24in beauty
1-5 of 5 Results