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night fishing

  1. Line choice for night walleye

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Just curious what you guys like to go with for night walleye on Erie. I am going to try for walleye this week from shore, casting Husky 14' and Perfect 10's. Never fished for walleye at night, and I was going to go with 15# Fluorocarbon.. but curious to see if guys go with straight braid or...
  2. Night Fishing - Cats & Crappie

    Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    I am hoping to go night fishing this Saturday either Acton or Caesars Creek. I have a boat and green lights. I would like to try and do a little fishing for both cats and crappie. Anyone have any tips or suggestions? I know it's two different types of fishing but thought I might be able to...
  3. Nighttime Kayaking Light Recommendations

    Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    I'm planning on doing some early morning/nighttime kayaking and want to make sure I have the required lights. My kayak is outfitted with an anchor and trolley system. ODNR says an anchor light should be displayed at the anchor. Do you guys have any recommendations on anchor lights? It also...