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night crawlers

  1. Nov10th & 11th UPDATE

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    Nov.10th It was a warm day so my wife & I went fishing. We got to the lake around noon time. There was a strong wind blowing that made watching the bobbers hard to tell soft bites. Stayed there and hour so moved a spot to get out of the wind. No bite there either, so we drove over to...
  2. River being messed up again.

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    Well with all the heavy rains along the Ohio Valley the Ohio River will be unfishable for at least the next week. Once again my plans for getting some catfishing on the river have been shot. It now looks like if the temperature I will be fishing some small local fishing lakes. I just hope they...
  3. NKY tried for some catfish

    Fishing Reports - Out of State
    Well it was a warm day so I finally went out to a local county lake to check it out. I got my first line in the water at 11:25. I then put my wireless depth finder on the light rod, found the area I was casting too was not as deep as I had expected. The area was only 9-10 feet deep so at least I...
  4. 1st trip of 2018

    Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    Feb 27th. Joe took me to a private pond that he has access to fish. He got his line in the water at 1:15 p.m., I was trying out my wireless depth finder. For neither one of us had any idea of how deep or what structure of this pond. The water was muddy and a steady breeze was blowing all the...
  5. Different lake same results

    Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    June 21st. My grandson & I went to a different lake to fish for bluegills. We had a few wax worms left over from our last trip to start with for bait. WE started out down by the dam, and the wax worms were getting bites very quickly. Once again my grandson had 8 fish before I got my first...