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  1. Fish on the Fly
    Hey all! Longtime lurker, I have an 8wt for pike, bass, and carp already, but I wanted an outfit for what I mostly catch--panfish and largemouth dinks. I got a smoking deal on a 9' 4wt, but now I'm second guessing myself (even though I've literally spent hours researching 4wt vs 5wt threads and...
  2. New OGF Members
    I live in far western midOhio. I have been fishing about 65 of my 70 years growing up across the street from a pond. I fish for catfish, Bluegill, crappie, and bass. I like using unusual baits to see what fish will bite on especially catfish. I don’t get out fishing much anymore because I can...
  3. New OGF Members
    Found the forum while looking for FF equipment. I live in Alaska, fly fish for fun, bait fish and hunt for meat, and of course, will never pass up moose road kill!
  4. Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hello, I just recently moved to Toledo (Maumee area) from Pennsylvania. Any recommendations to decent spots within the area? I enjoy trout fishing but always like to try and catch some big monsters too!. I like creek fishing but trying to find a good hole I would have no clue where to start...
  5. New OGF Members
    Hi, I just started to get interested in outdoor sports and would like to meet people who have some experience in these things. I have only been out once or twice and I'm hoping to learn more from this board before I go out again. Thanks.
1-5 of 5 Results