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  1. Alum Creek Lake Musky Tips?

    Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hey everyone, I hope I’m in the right sub forum, but I’ve moved up to Columbus for college and have been itching to catch a musky for several years now. I have all the gear, and went on a trip to Alum last August, but didn’t find any luck. I’ve read on some websites that anywhere south of the...
  2. WTB Frabill stowaway or Stowmaster muskie net

    OGF Marketplace
    Unfortunately had my frabill stowaway net and 4 trolling rod setups stolen out of my boat coming back from Clear Fork Saturday on I-71 rest area. So if someone out there has an extra or one laying around for sale, please dont hesitate to contact me with price and location. I'm from the...
  3. New Guy

    New OGF Members
    I am a fly angler looking for some larger game. Northern Pike and Musky have got my attention. That being said, Am I allowed to fish in Michigan or will I return to a vandalized truck. Can anyone clarify what the Ohio / Michigan relationships is with boating and fishing?
  4. Dreams or nightmares?

    Muskie & Pike Discussions
    Ever since I caught my first ski a few years back they have haunted my dreams and thoughts ever since. Like alot of people I have a child and have to work for a living. When I am able to get out I am stuck to shoreline and let me tell you, I have hiked so many miles of shoreline and produced not...
  5. Pleasant Hill Lake

    Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    Heading down to Mohican for a week with the family next weekend. Planning on dragging the boat along gonna try and sneak a few short trips to Pleasant Hill Lake. Anyone have info on the musky fishing in the lake? we've never been there. Figured I would run programs similar to Leesville and...
  6. Leesville conditions

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hey guys! Been a long time since ive had to use ogf. Im planning a short bass fishing trip to leesville lake (weather permitting) mid week to next weekend. I have questions as ive never been there. Here goes. How is the water conditions down there as far as temp and clarity go at the moment? Is...
  7. Tackle for sale (spoons, rapalas, rattle traps)

    OGF Marketplace
    I am cleaning out my tackle box. Trying to get some cash to put towards a boat or new rod and reel. 6 NEW Krocodile spoons 2 Bill Lewis Rattle traps 2 Rapala rattle traps 2 NEW Rapala husky jerks 9 LIKE NEW Red eye wiggler spoons 5 LIKE NEW Dardevlet spoons 3 Big doctor spoons 2 Colored spoons...
  8. MID-Ohio Walleye Club meets Thursday 1/10/19

    Outdoor Events & Seminars
    Mid-Ohio Walleye Club will meet this Thursday (1/10/19) at 7 PM at Gorman Nature Center near Mansfield. Jason Plant will be the guest presenter. Jason represents Lund Boats, Mercury, Humminbird, Vance Outdoors, Shimano, and Offshore Tackle. He has fished numerous walleye and musky tournaments...
  9. Musky lure identification? Old timers help!

    The Lounge
    I have 4 vintage musky lures with little or no markings. I was hoping someone would recognize one and tell me what it is or who made it and perhaps if one is a rarity. Lure 1&2 are both wooden and have a rounded nose. Lure #3 has a marking on the metal lip that looks to me to say OWO or OWB...
  10. Is this a Pike or a Muskie?

    Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Friend got this in the runaway Quarry of w.5th he thinks its a muskie but i say its a pike I get small ones but never this big what kind of pike is this?
  11. West Branch Musky

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    I was wondering if anyone had some tips to share for catching Musky at West Branch. I'm going to be up there tomorrow, trying to get my first one!!!!
  12. Pike in Alum Creek

    Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Read a couple of places yesterday that there are Northerns in Alum Creek and can be caught in some of the same spots as musky? Never heard that before. Anyone have any info. on Northerns in Alum Creek, size they run to and good locations? Thx
  13. CC Musky Does this count (pt 1)

    Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    I bought a 12' boat a few years ago and fish mostly at CC. Ive caught my share of crappie, saugeye and white bass. All when I THOUGHT I was fishing for LM. Two weeks ago I was "fishing", (I'll explain that in part 2) tossing a 4 blade spinner bait on 50 lb. braided line around noon. I have to...
  14. Lake Milton/ West Branch - Tips for Central OHIO OGFEr

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    I will be going up to the Lake Milton and West Branch area this weekend for easter to visit with the Ladies family. I am a big Musky fisherman here in Central Ohio and have been wanting to check out fishing these (2) lakes. I will NOT have access to a boat and will be fishing from shore. Down...
  15. 37.5


  16. Alum guiding trip summer '08

    Alum guiding trip summer '08

    36" caught by Mitch (9years old) on his first ever musky fishing trip.
  17. Alum musky 7/20/08

    Alum musky 7/20/08

    7/20/08 Alum Creek Reservoir 36 inches
  18. 39" muskie release @ Alum 6/06/08

    39" muskie release @ Alum 6/06/08

    The release photo.
  19. 39"er @ Alum by my uncle

    39"er @ Alum by my uncle

    Here is again with a nice 39"er.
  20. leesville musky

    leesville musky

    37 1/2 inches. dragged this guy outta leesville on a dead crappie drift fishing