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  1. Alum Creek Lake Musky Tips?

    Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hey everyone, I hope I’m in the right sub forum, but I’ve moved up to Columbus for college and have been itching to catch a musky for several years now. I have all the gear, and went on a trip to Alum last August, but didn’t find any luck. I’ve read on some websites that anywhere south of the...
  2. WTB Frabill stowaway or Stowmaster muskie net

    OGF Marketplace
    Unfortunately had my frabill stowaway net and 4 trolling rod setups stolen out of my boat coming back from Clear Fork Saturday on I-71 rest area. So if someone out there has an extra or one laying around for sale, please dont hesitate to contact me with price and location. I'm from the...
  3. Lake Milton 5-11-20

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    I fished Lake Milton for the first time with my buddy Jim last Monday. We just got back in town after a 3 day trip that we fished Milton, Mosquito, and Erie. Probably some of the worst May weather I've experienced. We ran into a couple snow squalls on the way to Milton. It snowed, sleeted...
  4. Cabelas Tournament ZX 7' 10" Heavy Ctankster Rod FS

    OGF Marketplace
    This rod is discontinued and hard to get. This one has been used 1 time. This is a 7 foot 10 inch casting rod. Great for big swimbaits, Umbrella rigs, deep diving crankbaits and muskie lures. Asking 120.00 OBO Pics available.
  5. Leesville conditions

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hey guys! Been a long time since ive had to use ogf. Im planning a short bass fishing trip to leesville lake (weather permitting) mid week to next weekend. I have questions as ive never been there. Here goes. How is the water conditions down there as far as temp and clarity go at the moment? Is...
  6. Muskie Newbie

    Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hey guys - looking to go after Muskie and could use some guidance. I was out on Caesars Creek Saturday morning trolling large spinners in 10-20' of water but no luck. Are they deeper this time of year? Was hoping to find some weed beds to cast into but didn't find much. I moved down here...
  7. Muskie

    Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    I am new to muskie fishing bass fished my whole life. Muskie is totally different anyone have any advice. Any advice would be useful thanks.
  8. Musky lure identification? Old timers help!

    The Lounge
    I have 4 vintage musky lures with little or no markings. I was hoping someone would recognize one and tell me what it is or who made it and perhaps if one is a rarity. Lure 1&2 are both wooden and have a rounded nose. Lure #3 has a marking on the metal lip that looks to me to say OWO or OWB...
  9. Hooking up muskie on Alum Creek or Alum Creek Lake

    Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    I'm a life time fisherman that has caught everything thing from from monster catfish to sailfish. I have never caught a muskie, have heard Alum Creek has a healthy muskie population. Just trying to get some tips or pointers on chasing one of these bad boys down, from a better angler than me...
  10. Cave Run Saturday

    Muskie & Pike Discussions
    Three of us headed to Cave Saturday. We waited until the snow down there passed before leaving. Flemingsburg had the most, about 1 1/2". Water was still up about 9' but dropping, kinda like Caesar. None of the docks were usable but we managed. Waterline still way up in the trees and temps...
  11. Leesville - Muskie from shore?

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hi everyone, I'm new here but this seems to be the kind of place for this question. In case you don't feel like reading a lot, my question is : Does anyone have tips to give about muskie fishing from the shorelines of Leesville lake (Spots, baits, best times to fish, etc.)? I have looked...
  12. CC - Good day for Muskie

    Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    I caught my 2nd Muskie today, my fishing buddy caught one also, bigger than mine, and we both missed good strikes. Lucky day!
  13. Is this a Pike or a Muskie?

    Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Friend got this in the runaway Quarry of w.5th he thinks its a muskie but i say its a pike I get small ones but never this big what kind of pike is this?
  14. Looking for Wiley Jerk Baits

    OGF Marketplace
    Yes, the lipless Wiley Muskie Baits. Please let me know if you have any to sell or trade.
  15. 37.5


  16. Alum guiding trip summer '08

    Alum guiding trip summer '08

    36" caught by Mitch (9years old) on his first ever musky fishing trip.
  17. Alum musky 7/20/08

    Alum musky 7/20/08

    7/20/08 Alum Creek Reservoir 36 inches
  18. first c-fork lunge

    first c-fork lunge

  19. Another fishy

    Another fishy

    Fat fish
  20. fishy1