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  1. The Lounge
    What are the two round yellow nodes located inside the mouth of a Flathead? I have never noticed them before.
  2. lake erie small mouth

    ive got the honey hole in lake erie. you can drag ones like this out all day long
  3. pond bass

    texas rigged
  4. GMR SM 7-4-07 3

    3rd of 3 decent smallmouth caught today.
  5. Great Miami River LM 4/4/07

    First (and smallest) of around 20 fish caught tonight on the Great Miami. Unfortunately battery went dead after this picture was taken. 6 Saugeye, 12-14 Largemouth... Awesome evening fishing!
  6. LM Bass - Pond

    Nice largemouth from private pond. May 2006.
  7. avatar LMB

    I'm not a big LMB fisherman, but I caught this guy while carp fishing, on a bread ball at east harbor. Guess it looked like something good to eat while I was reeling it in.
1-7 of 7 Results