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mosquito creek

  1. Mosquito Creek Yesterday

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    My buddies made it out on Skeeter yesterday. That water warmed up to 74 degrees in the heat! He said it's running real clear and the bass were biting good. Posted a couple pictures also. I may have to get back over there in a few weeks...
  2. Mosquito Creek Lake Fishing Report from Last Wednesday

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Jim and I ended up putting a good pattern together last Wednesday. We had some camera mishaps, but was able to piece a good video to share with ya. We give some insight on where we found the active bass. Types of weeds, lure, and presentation. Definitely weren't active in the wood like we...
  3. A year of firsts/am I doing it right?

    Hard Water Discussions
    Hi everyone! 2016 was a very good year for me, in the spring I became a fishing addict! I've fished on and off most my life but never had much success or people in my life to show me the way. But last year I managed to hone my skills on the metro park lakes. Landed many catfish and sunfish in...
  4. 11y/o daughter got Deer Creek State Park, 10y/o son got Salt Fork State Park - any general guidance?

    Hi everyone, Looking to get some general guidance for Deer Creek State Park (October) for my 11 year old daughter who was selected for the youth archery hunt (her first hunting experience) as well as for Mosquito Creek gun (January) - yes she was lucky in getting selected for both. My 10y/o...