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mosquito creek lake fishing

  1. Mosquito lake bluegills

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Friday and Saturday I went out just to have some fun with the pan fish. I quickly realized they was going to be a fight. I tried at the causeway both sides of the road and east & west of it and s couple more little pl. Ended up with a handful of small ones using worms 2 to 3 feet down. Where did...
  2. Mosquito flatheads

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    I decided to try something different yesterday and went to mosquito. Ended up with 3 channels that totally would have been close to 40 to 45 lbs. Alot of fish was hitting topwater seen some pike even. Would like to find out how the flathead move around in that lake. Plz plz don't put pin point...
  3. Mosquito Creek Yesterday

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    My buddies made it out on Skeeter yesterday. That water warmed up to 74 degrees in the heat! He said it's running real clear and the bass were biting good. Posted a couple pictures also. I may have to get back over there in a few weeks...
  4. Mosquito Creek Lake Fishing Report from Last Wednesday

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Jim and I ended up putting a good pattern together last Wednesday. We had some camera mishaps, but was able to piece a good video to share with ya. We give some insight on where we found the active bass. Types of weeds, lure, and presentation. Definitely weren't active in the wood like we...