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  1. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Okay. I just seen another report on a Ohio lake that has some clear water. I thought Mosquito Creek was the only one that fell in that category. It appears Mogadore Lake has that characteristic, and it also has some big bass! I may have to try it this fall. Anyone have some words of...
  2. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Starting a new thread that will supply updates for Mogadore Reservoir fishing. I haven't been out since ice. Spent last week in Virginia hunting up some crappie. Anyone catching fish on Mogadore yet?
  3. Hard Water Discussions
    Has anyone neen on Mogadore? I'd sure like to get out over the next couple days but it's an jour drive. I would hate to arrive to find bad ice. Thanks
  4. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hello everyone. Was trying to figure out some good spots for pan fish on mogadore while water temps are still low. I am stuck on shore so I know I am pretty limited but any input helps. Thanks in advanced.
  5. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    I live on the west side of cleveland (about 20 mins west) and was looking for some good places to kayak fish (i just got one a few weeks ago) for mainly largemouth, but wouldn't mind getting some SM or larger panfish. I have been to mogadore reservoir the past 2 weekends (friday morning then...
1-5 of 5 Results